From A Business Idea To A profitable Reality


People talk or dream about making money. It’s easier said than done. But they don’t have any idea what to do. They’re just dreaming and wishing. If you want to make money consistently, nothing defeats the idea of your own business. Now you need to move from a specific business idea to a profitable reality.

Where to start?

You may possibly feel that having a successful business is only meant for few, selected individuals who are fortunate enough to have that once-in-a lifetime idea. Or, maybe you’ve watched from the sidelines someone established a business with an idea that you already had months ago, but you didn’t do anything with that idea.

I want to be honest with you, if you sit back passively, put your ideas in the background and don’t take action, you can’t feel bad if others, transformed their ideas into reality. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted about unimportant things . Decide to act today and turn your idea into profitable business.

How to create brilliant business ideas

1. Firstly, make a list of all the basic human needs that you can think of.
2. Now, take the first need on your list and divide it into clearer subdivisions.
3. Now, take the first need on this list again and divide it into even more specific subdivisions. Continue in this manner until achieve end result 

Let me give you an example;

Level 1

To improve physical appearance

Level 2

To loose weight

  1. Loose weight
  2. To gain weight
  3. To firm up a figure
  4. To improve muscle tone (men)
  5. To improve skin
  6. To improve hair
  7. To improve nails
  8. To dress immaculately
  9. To improve outer image

Level 3

a) Diet

b) Tablets, Electronic equipment, Exercise Program

Level 4

Level 3 is now divided into subcategories, i.e. range of products

  1. Computer developed diets
  2. Crash diets for quick weight lose
  3. Scientific diets, developed by dieticians or physicians
  4. Hypnosis diet program
  5. Hunger free diet

You can continue further about the topic “To improve physical appearance”. You can develop your own business ideas from the above example. Don’t make mistake that these ideas are abundant online or offline.

Therefore there are no longer any opportunities to develop them. Take for example electronics, there’re thousands products on this category. You can create your ideas out of it.

Electronic: electronics cables, electronic carrying bags,  electronic batteries, Band names, HP, ACCER, DELL, etc

Pick one idea, conduct a thorough research about it. Take you time, there’s no rush, learn all details about it. You may be shocked what you find. Dell gadgets for example, go dipper into it. You may find a number of smaller DELL categories, .e.g DELL carrying bags or accessories etc

If you don’t have an idea

You don’t need to possess any specific skills to build wealth by using your idea. you simply have to be the initiator who get the ball rolling. All that you have to do is to keep your eyes open for an opportunity, decide to actively take steps to make it happen and empower yourself with the right people who can assist to take your idea forward.

Final thought

With a bit of searching, it’s possible to find an excellent business idea, which could yield particularly large profit for both you & your family. If you have any business idea, you must now plan to put that idea into practice. By planning you will be starting a journey to take your business idea into profitable reality.

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