Generating Google or Bing Traffic With Sonic Traffic Machine

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Owner: Jahmel

Cost: $27

For Who: Website owners


This’s Jahmel software product. It’s a system, when downloaded, can supply thousands of keywords. It also assist you to create thousands of ad campaign, which could bring you hundreds of targeted traffic to your website.

The Sonic Traffic Machine is organized into the following Modules:

  • Java Setup
  • How To Install the system
  • Google PPC Account creation
  • Google AdWords Editor
  • Keyword research Platform
  • Live campaign search
  • System case-study on how the owner obtained leads

The owner promises the following benefits:

  • Can solve internet marketer traffic problem
  • Software creates profitable ad campaign
  • It has the potential to drive massive traffic to your website
  • It provides high quality clicks to your ad campaign
  • 100% money back guarantee


Website traffic is most challenging aspect of the online business entities. Without traffic, your website is good as dead or non existence. So, every marketer need traffic to his/her website, in order to sustain his/her business.

Sonic Traffic Machine’s main priority is to help website owners to generate massive google/Bing traffic to their sites. This software system is here to help, take the pain out of lack of google traffic. However, the owner promises that buyers can easily generate keywords & ad campaigns with it, as well as money back guarantee if not satisfied.

What’s not guaranteed in this system, is whether thousands visitors will ever take action in your site. That’s most challenging area of any traffic  generating product/software. Furthermore, the question of website rank, will the system assist site owner in improving his/her site position on google. These’re critical question that needs to be addressed.


Sonic Traffic Machine is a necessary system for any website, However generating huge web traffic to your site doesn’t end there. Visitors must in one way or another take action after visiting site. If they do stay & take action, that’s good, but if they take action, by leaving your site it’s bad for your site & business







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