Getting A Lot Website Traffic Good or Bad?

Everyone is desperate to get traffic to his/her website. Does getting a lot of traffic good or bad idea. I will try as much as possible to explain below.

The Good

Finding visitors to a website is one of the basic requirement a site owner must do everyday. Without traffic your site is as good as a dead. Nobody knows about your products or services or have any idea what you’re selling. In order for people to know who you are and what you offer, you need a site and traffic.

People don’t know you or your profile unless you have two things, i.e. your site and traffic. These are basic communication online tool.

A site is easy to setup. It only takes 30 minutes to develop and you’re done. It goes immediately live online. The next biggest challenge is traffic. People don’t just visit any site. They have their own personal needs. What does your site offer as a solution to their problems. What compels them to visit your site. These are pertinent questions you have to answer.

Let’s assume you have developed these two main elements, i.e. your site and traffic. You have now a site visited by 300 people everyday. Let’s do maths;

  • 300 visitors/per day,
  • 900 visitors per month
  • 10800 visitors per year.

That’s huge traffic. 10800 people visit your location every year. Surely, that’s huge accomplishment. Your site will rank high on search engine, probably, it will appear on the first google page. Every site that appears in that position has a tendency to generate additional visitors.

Other people searching the web may possibly find your site, and most of it all they may consider book marking it, and later purchase one or few items from it.

The Bad

Getting a lot of traffic may be a good idea from the beginning, however, huge traffic may also be a bad idea. It depends what kind of traffic comes to your site. I’m not saying your site doesn’t need traffic, on the contrary is does, but it depends what kind of traffic comes to your site. Your site may have 1000 visitors per day, but none of them buy anything, they simple land in your site and leave, even without making a comment.

Let’s say your site gets 20 visitors a day and 5 out of 20 buys something or complete a sign up form. In that situation you have successfully generated quality traffic. if 1000 visitors, visit your site and none of them purchase anything, while 20 visitors, 5 buy one or few products/services, then huge webtraffic is useless or lack quality aspect.

It’s like having an offline store, where 1000 customers go to buy something, but all leave without shopping anything, while in one of your competitor, 20 people enter the shop, and 5 of them buy something or anything. Your competitor’s store outperform yours. Less traffic more buyers, more traffic no buyers.

There can be many reasons why huge traffic doesn’t buy from you. Your product/services is not what they are looking for, you product/services are of poor quality etc.

Final thought

On the final note, getting more traffic to your site is a good idea, because out of 1000 visitors a certain percentage of them have a probability to  buy something or when they return again, However, few visitors may visit and buy your products/services.

This phenomenon occurs every time online. Thus, you must stop worrying about thousand potential visitors to your site, you are not chasing numbers, but selling products/services on your site. Making a sale doesn’t take 1000 visitors, it may even 5 visitors, depending on the way your site is structured and maintained.





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