Getting Less or More Traffic To Your Website Is It Good Or Bad?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. A site without traffic is like a shop without customers. Is it good or bad idea to get more or less traffic? Let’s start with the first question, more traffic

  • More traffic

As I have said before any site that’s capable of drawing huge traffic to itself, stands a good chance of getting buyers. This is a dream of any site owner. More traffic give rises to  more visitors and eventually more buyers. All site owners want to attract large traffic to their sites.

It is not uncommon for any site to get 1 000 visitors per day. Over a month period such platform may receive 12 000 visitors, and 120 000 over 12 months period. That’s huge traffic, I guess.  The site owner therefore stands a better chance to generate profit from it.

A word of warning! There are people online who are experts in producing large quantities of useless traffic to any site, at a specific price. The internet has almost 2 billion users.

Not every person who  search the web do so with intent to buy products/services. People are looking for information, I mean any information to address their personal needs. Those needs are not necessarily something to do with shopping.

You therefore need to be careful about the word HUGE TRAFFIC. The only traffic you need as a site owner, is QUALITY TRAFFIC. I’m referring to that kind of traffic that has a potential of adding value to your site. The kind of visitors who’re interested in what your site offers.

  • Less traffic

This aspect speaks for itself. Less traffic equals to less buyers. 10 or less visitors per day to your site is worthless. Possibilities are that all 10 of them may simply enter and leave without doing anything in your site.

Your site therefore lacks an element of value. It’s unpopular so to speak. You as a site owner have to work hard to attract people to your site. Maybe, your site appears in wrong places or lacks appropriate marketing network or you don’t have an idea how to optimize your site

On the contrary, having less traffic to your site may be a good idea. That your site doesn’t attract quality traffic doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors do not see it or it doesn’t appear before huge audience. It is possible it does appear, but it appears to people who are not interested to what your site offers.

It may also happen that it doesn’t reach the intended audience. For example, your site may be appearing before other similar sites as yours. That is, yours and other sites are offering similar products/services

On the other hand, you may be on the right track, with less traffic, your site may be attracting quality traffic. Out of 10 or less people, 8 may be prospective buyers of your products/services, you may never know. Thus you must not underestimate the number of people visiting your site. Instead you need to find out who are they, where they come from, what they’re looking for.

Final thought

On the final note more traffic to your site is a good idea, provided it’s quality one. Less traffic is a bad idea, but if it carries an element of quality then, no matter how much it is, it’s a good idea







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