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Thousands of companies are looking for people just like you to sell their products and pay you up to 75% of all sales you generate?






During couple of decades, the world’s economy has changed considerably. The trend to move toward global, online shopping—even for daily use items such as toiletries—has not only exploded but has in many instances become a necessity. The “new normal” is online shopping.

There is no reason why YOU should sit on the sideline while other,
willing entrepreneurs reap the benefits. Not only do you build your own, easy to operate online business, you also get to help consumers worldwide to bring the products they need, to their doorstep.

If you looking for no cost way to get started building business and making money, you have come to the right place! Against what you may think, or what you may have heard, Affiliate/Internet marketing is not difficult at all.

Sure, you can make it difficult by letting all the GURU GIMMICK products and “miracle systems” get in the way, but strip that all out and you are left with a few easy concepts to understand.

People need products & services to satisfy their needs, weight loss, health, children toys, games etc. The online shopping industry has become huge and growing everyday.

There are two things that you need to completely understand.

A Product


A Customer

If you can understand your customers and what they want, all you need to do is align with a product and BINGO, you have got a business and income stream online.

How to Choose a Business (choosing a niche)

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Two things you need to consider when YOU decide to choose a lifelong, successful business, 

Your Interest

It has been proven time and again that the most successful businesses are those that the owner is personally interested in.

Firstly, you can’t start something you aren’t interested in. If you don’t like soccer, the possibilities of success are slim, since you have no interest in that hobby. Any single item you try to sell, buyers will not be interested.

Therefore choose something you like most, something that triggers your interest. 

Your Skills

Secondly, your skills – skill means capabilities, strengths. What are you good at?

  • Computers programming,
  • Software developer,
  • Teaching, coaching,
  • Creativity, design,
  • Building things,
  • Leading, coaching,
  • Managing others etc.,
  • Writing/communication skills (writing articles, posting online, commenting on other people stuff etc.)
  • Forex trading (stock market shares)

You need to look at you list of skills, what you’re good at, and what you’re not, how to learn/improve on those you don’t have.

Basically, the combination of your interest & skills (what you like, what you’re good at), will go a long way in choosing a successful business. 

Critics argue that this kind of business model is SCAM of some sort. Indeed it has been converted into a scam/rip-off. The reason, is simple, Anyone will simply post an ad, that;

  • You can make $1 000, 2 000, $10 000, without a website,
  • You can partner with major affiliate networks & earn huge income

Broadly speaking, every business offline or online use different marketing methods to promote their products/services. Affiliate marketing is one of those main stream marketing strategies employed by companies.

Below are some of the most popular affiliate networks:






(1) Commission



(4) Rakuten Advertising


(6) And many more.

If affiliate/internet marketing is a scam of some kind, how then  these major affiliate networks spend millions of dollars paying affiliates/advertisers to promote their business? 




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  1. Invitation to our Affilite program. 50 Commission to our affilite JV.

    1. Experience is that selling affiliate products doesn’t lasts longer. It’s not business at all. Basically it doesn’t provide information, buyers desperately need to build long lasting profitable business

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