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Thousands of companies are looking for people just like you to sell their products and pay you up to 75% of all sales you generate?

Would you believe me If I said you could start as soon as you finish reading this page for absolutely nothing? 

If you looking for no cost way to get started building business and making money, you have come to the right place! Against what you may think, or what you may have heard, Internet marketing (building successful business and making money is not difficult at all).

Sure, you can make it difficult by letting all the GURU GIMMICK products and “miracle systems” get in the way, but strip that all out and you are left with a few easy concepts to understand.

There are two things that you need to completely understand.

A Product


A Customer

If you can understand your customers and what they want, all you need to do is align with a product and BINGO, you have got a business and income stream online.

Do something you love

This is your number one key to being successful. If you love what you do, if you’re passionate about it, if it excites you and if it allows you to use your talents and skills, you will be successful, because you’ll want to work on your business and put the time, effort and energy into making it succeed, eventually making money & building successful business, going forward.

 Define your target market

It’s essential to define your target market. Some called it a market research. 

Firstly, you want to target and serve a group of people you love . So if you can’t handle children, or don’t like being near sick people, then you shouldn’t be working with them.

Don’t choose your target market just because a certain market makes the most sense, or because you think it will be the most profitable. Choose your target market, because those are the people you really want to serve & work with. 

Once you’ve specifically defined your target market, you can start to focus on addressing your client’s needs, giving them solutions to their problems, providing benefits, building trust and offering value for their money 

Create a website

In an online industry, a website is a business platform, you can’t do without it. A good website is vital and adds to your credibility. If you can’t create an appealing website, then get a professional to help you.

Whatever you do, make sure your business is online. The next thing, is to get photos or ask someone professional, to take it for you. Upload them to your site.

Create content for your website

A website is your store, it shows buyers what is contained therein. Your website should have the following site structure.

  • Tell visitors about you (About Me page)
  • Home page( Landing page)
  • Privacy policy
  • Products/services
  • Comments page (visitors leaving comments about product/services)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Build traffic to your site

Building traffic is simply telling people about yourself. In short it’s to ask people to visit & look into your site. You can do this by;

  • Writing articles/posts to social media platforms
  • Submitting articles to article directories
  • Submitting your site to Google/Bing Webmaster tools
  • Email marketing (create a account) 

Internet Marketing Methods

Once you have chosen a business, created a site, chosen a web hosting platform, you need to announce to the world;

  • What you’re selling,
  • Where potential buyers to find you,
  • Type of products/service you sell.

However, marketing is everything a company does to attract customers and maintain a relationship with them. Marketing includes wide range of marketing methods/strategies. It’s beyond the scope of this post to describe fully what marketing business entails.

Online advertising, online marketing or Internet advertising, is a form of marketing which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers. There following are some but not all;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Article marketing
  • Pay Per Click

For your site to rise above others, you need to master the skill of using these methods/strategies.  No single method is more important than the other. A combination of all will assist your site to rank high on search engine and be visible to potential customers.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam? 

Critics argue that this kind of business model is SCAM of some sort. Indeed it has been converted into a scam/rip-off. The reason for that, is simple, Anyone will simply post an ad, that;

  • You can make $1 000, 2 000, $10 000, without a website,
  • You can partner with major affiliate networks & earn huge income

Broadly speaking, every business offline or online use different marketing methods to promote their products/services. Affiliate marketing is one of those main stream marketing strategies employed by companies.

Below are some of the most popular affiliate networks:

(1) Commission





(6) And many more.

If affiliate/internet marketing is a scam of some kind, how then  these major affiliate networks spend millions of dollars paying affiliates/advertisers to promote their business? 




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  1. Invitation to our Affilite program. 50 Commission to our affilite JV.

    1. Experience is that selling affiliate products doesn’t lasts longer. It’s not business at all. Basically it doesn’t provide information, buyers desperately need to build long lasting profitable business

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