Google Ranking Does It Matter Anyway?




Most of affiliate marketers battle to keep their articles/blogs/sites on  Google first page. The question, Google rank does it matter anyway. I’m sure it does for  a number of reasons

  • More clicks on  site/posts/articles

If your site appears on Google first page, you get thousands or more hits. That’s huge achievement from you, as site owner. It means your site gets more traffic compared to others, who appears on other pages. In a nutshell you have driven many potential buyers to your site.

  • Your site appears in front of million internet users

We all aware the internet is visited by billion users everyday. If your site/blog appears on Google first page, it has potential of attracting billion users. It doesn’t only attract  people interested in your site, but any user who lands therein. You can imagine your site/posts being read by million people everyday. More visitors equals to more buyers

  • Your site gains Google authority

Indeed, your site gains authority in the process. Sites that regularly appear on first page normally gains Google recognition. The search engine has a tendency to frequently crawl these kind of sites. They gain huge recognition

  • You site generate huge income

In the internet marketing industry income generation equals to huge profit. Any internet marketing guru knows that if he/she wants to make money, he/she must optimize his/her site to continuously appear therein. It’s undeniable fact that all potential buyers only search for goods & services that appears on Google first page. 

  • Google first page position does it matter anyway?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter at all. Working to position your site/blog on Google first page comes with serious monetary challenges. the internet is a global communication platform. Not only buyers visit the internet, but million people are searching for different things on different pages. It may be people searching for current political, economic, industrial news.

You should not mislead yourself that when optimizing your blog/site to appear on first page, traffic will start flowing to your site. People search the web for many different reasons. Your site may not be stuffed with what they’re looking for.

Some will be searching for what will happen when Donald trump wins or loose elections next year. Others will be searching for Dow Jones or Nasdaq, the list is endless. Keeping your site/blog on Google first page comes with financial challenges. Companies and individuals spend a lot of money to stay there. Money which some of us don’t have.

To remain there, requires huge capital on PPC. If I may hint, some big companies are prepared to spend as much as $165 per click . They do so for financial reasons. They’re expecting to generate million dollars in profit.

My advice is just simple, you’re not setting a site to appear on any page, but you set it to generate traffic. The purpose of developing and optimizing your site/blog is to provide information to visitors, not number game.

Final thought

Going back to my question, Google Rank Does It Matter Anyway? It only matters to those who are chasing traffic and profit. To us as internet/affiliate marketers it doesn’t matter at all.

The main purpose of developing website is to provide visitors with information pertaining to products or services your business offers. Google search engine has more than billion pages. People doesn’t only visit first page but pages that contain products/services to solve their daily problems.





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