Now Christmas has arrived and 2022 is just a week a away. Unfortunately we are still living in fear of Covid19 Pandemic. Our social, economic & POLITICAL lifes was disrupted SINCE 2019 & still been disrupted big time by the disease. LEST WE FORGET THOSE WHO DIED. WE REMEMEBR THOSE WHO DIED

We hope that the whole world will overcome this disease. We pray for all those who are working around the clock to strike a final blow to this disastrous phenomenon 

I’ pray for all medical scientists, medical experts, medical researchers. To all ordinary people of this universe, who’re working tirelessly to put a dead end to this disease, who want all of us to start again with our normal daily lives. 

I further salute all politicians, inside and outside government, who took this pandemic serious, took steps, raise funds, discourage those who were naïve about the disease. I’m referring those politicians, political leaders who supported medical experts in all their attempts to put a stop in the spread of the disease. 

To all my followers. It take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year. GOD BLESS YOU









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