Hiring A Copywriter Good Or Bad?


Hiring a copywriter, is it really good or bad idea?

A copywriter is someone who has acquired writing skill, it can be someone who writes texts for purposes of promoting a product, brand or something else. His/her main task is writing content for himself/herself or  other people or businesses.

The questions is it a good/bad idea to employ/hire a copywriter to write content for you?

I will try to answer this question in variety of ways. Content writing is an essential requirement for any website owner. A site without content is a good as none existent. People here online read content. It may be a web page/post/article. It goes without saying therefore that your site must have rich text content

We all had learned reading and writing at school, but others are more good in writing and storytelling. Sometimes you may have a good idea about something, but you can’t put it on pen and paper, or lazy to do so. That’s where a copywriter comes into being.

There’re thousands if not millions of them online. If you have a site and can’t write content for it. You must then hire someone to do it for you. The next question will be, who are the best copywriters, and where can you find them.

The good about copywriters

Copywriters are good people because, they assist site owners to create and write content for them. Any site owner who can’t write can simply hire someone to write articles/ posts for him/her. They normally charge something between $10 – 50$ per 500/1000 words article

Once hired, you submit your article requirements and your article/blog may be ready for delivery in 24hrs – 3 days, depends on its length. Copywriting service has been here online for more than a decade. Even if you don’t any idea to write about, they can look into your site and come up with ideas and write blogs or articles about it. You will then pay them a fee

Copywriters are good in the sense that they don’t only write content but they are capable of creating ideas about your site and provide you with 10 to 100 articles

The Bad about copywriters

Although copywriters provide essential service for any site, but they have their own shortcomings. One of them is article/ blog spinning. This is a process whereby you a copywriter creates a single article, spin it to produce, 5,10, even 100 articles.

Copywriters are hired by thousand people to produce content for them. They have developed article producing software, capable of creating as many articles as possible. The bad thing about article/blog spinning, is Duplicate content. All search engines hates duplicate material. It adds no value to the readers. It’s simple a rehashing of existing information, whereas the content remains the same

A copywriter can create 10 articles and sell them to more than 1000 users. Such article material will not benefit the purchasers, but the copywriter himself/herself, because  he/she will receive money for his work. The end-user (site owner) will benefit nothing from it. The search engine will simply discredit the website that uses rehash material.


Final thought

Copywriting service is a good kind of service, because it assist those who can’t write text material for themselves. If you run short of ideas or can’t create content for your site. It ‘advisable that you hire their service.

Although, the service provides content for your site, but it comes with it’s own shortcomings. One of them is duplicate content, which is not suitable for SEO purposes. Nonetheless, hiring a copywriter may be good, sometimes a bad idea





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