Hot Make To $3 460.25 With Autopilot Income Machine

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Website: Autopilot Profit

Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37

Rating: 2/10

For who: None


The product owner is Ewen Chia. He has developed a product called Autopilot Profit. It costs $37. He promises that the system, once the buyer has purchased it will instantly generate $3,460 in 24 hours. Yes, 24 hrs, six figure income in 6 months period. If you purchase the system you don’t need the following;

  • Website
  • Product to sell
  • No domain name and hosting
  • No need for traffic, system will generate the traffic for you
  • System will do everything

The system is contained in video’s, they will walk you through every step of way to make the amount he claimed you’will possibly generate. The Autopilot system has been around for almost 2 years now, i.e. introduced in 2014.

Cons:Screenshot 2016-01-20 13.20.52

The system doesn’t produce the claimed results ($3 400 in hours). The claim is used to attract unsuspecting beginners internet marketers. Ewen Chia is an author of many “money making” material/books. He’s an expert in writing internet marketing course/tutorials. What’s missing in his work is the truth about promises contained in such products.

Overall view


Ewen Chia system is not good for anyone. It’s no help at all to beginner internet marketers. The system was created to generate income for the owner, less interest on the purchasers.




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