Learn How Autopilot Income Machine Can Make You $3 460.25

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Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37

Rating: 2/10

For who: None

How Autopilot Machine Can Make You Money?

The product owner is Ewen Chia. He has developed this product called Autopilot Profit. It costs $37. He promises that the system, once you purchased it, will instantly generate $3,460 in 24 hours. Yes, 24 hrs., four figure income in 24hr period.  You don’t need the following;

  • Website
  • Product to sell
  • No domain name and hosting
  • No need for traffic, system will generate the traffic for you
  • System will do everything
  • Many video’s

Ewen claims that this system requires zero experience, no set-up or work, and that you can start in less than five minutes. Whereas on earth can you make money in 5 minutes. Furthermore, he promise buyers Money Back Guarantee in 60 days.

Training is presented in video format, they walk you through every step of way to make the amount he claim you’ll make.

A refund of your money is always guaranteed. Have you ever been guaranteed a refund by any institute if their training program doesn’t produce results.  Be rest assured you’ll never find any in this universe.

 The Autopilot system has been around for a number of years. The product has been online since 2014. It is now 2021,  and it’s still there.

Ewen doesn’t bother whether you’re aware that the product is a SCAM. He is prepared to refund you, in case you’re dissatisfied . But to remove the product entirely on the web, he will definitely not, not by a long short.

Why Autopilot product is still available online? 

The answer is simple. There’re young kids at this moment, they’re 12,13,17years. During the next 10 years, 2028,2030,  Ewen Chia Autopilot will still be there. If they come across such amazing money making system. For sure they will purchase it. And Ewen will get rich in the process.

Very simple, the guy doesn’t care what we say about the product, either negative or positive, the bottom line those who have no clue about “affiliate marketing money making machines”, will purchase it… period

The system doesn’t produce the claimed results ($3 400 in hours). The claim is used to attract affiliate  marketers who are desperate to make money online.

Ewen Chia is one of those  creators of “money making” product. He’s an expert in producing affiliate marketing training courses. What’s missing in his work is the truth about promises contained in those products.

Final Thought


Ewen Chia system is not good for anyone. It’s no help at all to any beginner affiliate marketers.

The system was  just created to generate income for the owner, less interest on consumers.

Something before, I leave. The system has affiliate program. In case you don’t make money, you can promote it, and get up to 75% commission. Or you can purchase at $37, promote it. In no time, if successfully promoted & 100 buyers purchase it, you can make $3 700 in affiliate commission



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