How Can I Get Rich Overnight?

People ask, “How Can I Get Rich Overnight “My answer is simple, You won’t  but overtime you’re guaranteed to become wealthy, to be rich sounds too gimmick. That’s why I use wealthy.

In order to be wealthy, you have to follow the guidelines below;

Control your emotions

The mere statement that says you want to become rich, is associated with emotional reaction. You’re emotional in thinking. No one goes to sleep today and the following day she/he wakes up rich.

Richness is linked to flashy objects. People who drives flashy cars, living in flashy households are definitely rich people. You must control/suppress your emotions that compels you to become rich

Control your spending

If in any event you want to engaged in spending money. Decide before hand, what you have and don’t have. Focus on those necessities/needies (must have) against nice to have niceties. For example, pay bills, and other monthly financial commitments.

Cut off eating out. Stop spending money on entertainments. Take 10% of your income and invest it. 

 Develop  a correct mindset

You said you want to become rich. That’s a tall order. Becoming rich comes with many difficult challenges. I will rather say, dream of becoming wealthy. All wealthy people, 100% of them had encountered & overcome difficult challenges. Be prepared to experience the same

Be prepared to fail

Some people regard failure with “stupidity” I don’t blame those. May be they had never experience “failure” in their life. Now that they want to become rich & fail. They view themselves as stupid.

I disagree, failing simply means, you have not properly understood what was required of you to do. In case you failed, you’re experiencing a learning curve. For you to become rich, certain difficult assignment must be executed. You will also loose money in the process.

Set achievable targets

Start investing the little income you have (10%). To save 10% of your income for investment purposes is achievable. I can literally say, every person receiving income can do it. 

If you deduct 10% from your income every month, you will be surprised how much investment amount you’ll have in 12. 24, 60 months 

Start your own business

You’re not an entrepreneur. How then can you start a business. By simply collecting old goods, refurbishing & sell them, you’ have already started a business. 

The business I’m talking about, is just any kind of business small. medium and large. It may be fulltime or partime business. There’s something very interesting about any business. it provides you with learning opportunities. It teaches your the skills of helping people

 Not all people buy goods & services for sake of purchasing. They want to address a unique or specific problem. If you can assist them by finding those solutions, you then have business. 

Some of us are borne, writers, influencers, singers, plumbers, welders, hairstylists, beauticians. Through theoretical & practical training, they have gained recognition & respect. 

However most of these people work for others in order to earn a living. Nothing, I mean nothing prevents you to do it for yourself, for sole purpose of receiving income.

Final Thought

Back to the question, How Can I Be Rich Overnight?  That’s a statement from people who are driven by emotions of getting rich.

Becoming rich doesn’t come cheap. It requires one to undertake a difficult, challenging journey. Be rest assured that journey is plugged by may failures






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