How Can I Make Money Fast Online Without A Website as a Beginner?”

How can I make money fast online without a website as a beginner?” This is an honest question asked by aspirant affiliate marketers. I will try to explain below;

Who are beginners in any way

A beginner in MMO industry, is someone who aspire to make a living online. Well, you may be interested in  pursuing  money making dreams, but not sure whether you’ll succeed.

Success in MMO industry is possible ask me. However you have to be  prepared to fail. To be exact 95% of beginners are failing to make any money making inroads here. There are variety of reasons. One of the crucial aspect is your mindset. Do you want to make money or do you want to setup online business to make money. You can’t make money without a business site/shop/store

Do You Need A Website?

Yes, a website or blog is a must have these days.  Others may differ with me. There’re many people who claim that a site is not prerequisite to make money. Such people post regular articles, making comments, posting on social media about money making tips.

When you follow their link it directly takes YOU to their website or blog pages. How come isn’t necessary for a beginner to participate in this industry without your own website or blog. Put differently in what way will people follow someone who doesn’t have a location. Let alone giving away their hard earn income to strangers

Is Making Money Online A walk In A Park?



Not by a long short. I have pasted a screenshot from my computer to show, how many articles/comments or posts talk about the subject “Making Money Online”. There’re are 9 billion sites about this subject. If making money was so easy, how come all these people can’t make a living here. The number Google searches about the subject speaks volumes.

Must All Beginners Quit Money Making Dreams?

I vehemently disagree. An additional/partime income is a must these days. The biggest problem is where to look for such opportunities. I can assure you, everyone including beginners can make money here.

If you have developed a website or blog, doesn’t matter it’s a stunning or crappy site. Overtime you’ll acquire web development skills. Remember when you were a child. Your first day at school was scary and intimidating. You felt like turning back home. But few weeks down the line, you became settled. After 12 years you finally completed your high school education

Same goes for money making online. You’re just a beginner without school books, uniform (website/blog), how then will you successfully participate here.

Final Thought

“How Can I Make Money Fast Online Without A Website as a Beginner?” My answer to you is simple, You Can’t. People like you had failed miserably. Even those who have it, they also failed to make a dime online. 

As a beginner, you need to learn how to develop a website. had made this step very easy. You register a domain, download  a  Theme, you have a website in no time. Your site/blog may look bad, but once you learn web development basics, you’ll succeed. An effective communication tool  online is a blog/site. Make no mistake about that.








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