How Do You Know If Your WordPress Site Is hacked?

Cyber criminality is a reality these days. They’re all out there to attack any site that appears online. But, how do you know if your WordPress site is hacked? . Let’s dive into the subject

There’re million articles about;

  • how to build a website,
  • how to develop a stunning website,
  • How to use, to develop sites of your own,
  • Plugins to protect your site from hacker etc., etc.

Building your own website is one of the greatest accomplishment in your life, but the sad and painful experience is when you discover that, that piece of work has been tempered with “hacked”

How do you detect your site is tempered with?

Search engines like, regularly check/scan malwares on every site. The purpose is to protect their users from accessing websites which are unsafe to surfers. Before a user enters a site that is hacked, a warning dialog box shows up on the screen with a warning “Deceptive site Ahead” “Enter at your own risk”

If your site depicts such warning sign, you must know then that your piece of work you worked hard on has been blacklisted by the search engine. You’ll instantly loose thousand visitors at no time. It may be labelled a scam site.

What must you do then?

Before you purchase any software to remedy the problem, you must immediately contact your web host company and report the problem. Your hosting company has sophisticated software to go through your site. It will run through your site for spyware/malware.

At the end of the results, it will remove any malware or any hacking activity that  is taking place in your platform. Furthermore, they will make recommendations on what you must do in future to prevent such occurrences.

What you must not do?

You may not know who the hackers are. Cyber criminals are rooming the web. The very same hackers may have posted articles regarding the subject, e.g..

  • “How to keep your site from hackers”
  • “How to prevent your site from being hacked”
  • 10,20, Plugins to prevent your site from malware/hackers”
  • “We can run through your site and remove suspicious files”

I’m not saying every article about “site hacking” is illegitimate. Some are legitimate and helpful in addressing your problem, However, some of them doesn’t help at all. All what they do is to pretend as if they can help, yet their aim is to generate money for themselves.


 has a number of reputable web developers who can help clean your website from potential threats. You can contact them for quote, and they will offer to help in the form of  ” $5 per Gig”.

From my own experience, downloading a Plugin from WordPress is not a way to go, unless you have web design knowledge. Or you have been advised by reputable web developers/designers.

The reason I say this is because some of these plugins are not for free.  You pay a certain amount to download & use them, but get poor results. Waste of money. Another thing, some hackers are very smart, they can easily bypass the plugin and hack your site

A ward of warning, try to look for a reputable Host Company and host your site with them.  The following are some;






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