Learn How Google Updates Affect Your Site Ranking


Every internet marketer or site owner wants traffic to his site. They spend millions of advertising fee on adwords. The main purpose is to help their site to rank high on Google search engine. On the other hand Google wants  quality content for their users. Thus Google Penguin was developed separate between quality and junk content.

What’s Google Penguin?

It’s a Google algorithm update which was first implemented in 2012. It’s a system used by Google to penalize all websites that doesn’t comply or cheat Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Google has drafted some guidelines to regulate what site owners should post in the platform. Because there is too much competition to appear on the Google first page, site owners too has developed methods to by pass these guidelines.

Not all of them are involved in that scam, but some has studied how the network functions, how it calculates the algorithm site score in order to give it high value. In that way the guidelines are being compromised.

Google therefore has come up with a system to punish those who fail to comply intentionally or otherwise, called Google Penguin. In a nutshell the system affects not only cheaters but it analyzes any site online

How does it affects your site rank? 

The Google Penguin doesn’t come every week, month or a year, it only comes once every 4th or  5th year. When launched, if affects every site rank online. If a site was on position 2 or 3 position, it may drift away as far as 20th position or even more. One of the biggest victim of  Google penguin is a site that heavily relies on backlink system.

The Penguin hates backlinking method in order to generate traffic. Backlinking is not a bad method of marketing, but  some unscrupulous internet marketers have a tendency to design backlinking software to steal traffic from other sites.

If you want to stay safe you need to avoid backlinking marketing to get traffic to your site. The main idea surrounding Google is to clean the search engine of any systems or methods used to cheat Google webmaster guidelines or aimed at bypassing or contravening the it.

Final thought

If you want your site to remain high on search engine you need to employ legitimate and genuine method of marketing. I know from my experience that Google platform is hard nut to crack.

There’re thousands of SEO methods out there whose owners will promise that if applied in your website Google Penguin will love it. Furthermore, they will promise, that these SEO methods were designed to defeat it, further, giving you some snap shot on how they survive Penguin slap.

I need to warn you, Google love nothing else but quality content. If you’re have regular fresh quality content, there’s no need to worry about Google Penguin.

You need to ask yourself why you’re here. What’s your mission to beat Google system or to find visitors to your site. The message is clear, you want people to visit and buy products/services from your site. In order to achieve that milestone you need to provide quality information, use legitimate marketing methods, going forward.

It doesn’t costs huge amount to do so. You need to provide people with quality relevant information. In that spirit Google Penguin 4.0 will not affect your sire ranking








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