How long Does It take To achieve Success Online?



 How Long Does It Take To Achieve Success Online? . This is the kind of question/comment people regularly posts here. I won’t lie to you. I don’t know. All that I know, it depends on individual knowledge and skill about the internet platform

What’s online success anyway?

Success means different things to different people. Some regard success as making money online, others see success as building successful online business, while others see success as becoming Amazon supper affiliate (selling thousands of product on Amazon)

What do you regard as success online?

When I first arrived here online, my biggest dream was to make thousand dollars online. Unfortunately my dream simply became a nightmare. I came here with no knowledge of how to build a website, did not have search engine optimization knowledge. I also didn’t have skills to create website content, let alone, knowledge to generate traffic. My only dream was just to make money online

It wasn’t a bad idea at all. I just have the same dream that million others have online.  The secret I did not know was the HOW part of it.

  • How to create a website
  • How to create website content
  • Where to get images for my website
  • How to promote my website
  • How to generate traffic to my website
  • How to use social media to promote my website
  • How to create PPC campaign to promote my website
  • How to use email marketing to promote my website
  •   How to regularly maintain my website
  • How to analyze traffic to my site
  • How to determine whether traffic to my site is quality or poor/junk traffic
  • How to correctly sell products/services online
  • Most importantly, what people online are searching for
  • Etc., etc.

Since I did not have knowledge about the above components, my dream to succeed online became a nightmare

How long does it take to acquire the above knowledge?

Well, I will say, it can take one month, year or even longer. It depends on your individual mental abilities. Others take less that 12 months and others may take longer than 3 years to master the skills of online success.

Remember, people who want to succeed online have different offline skills. Others were teachers, library technicians, photographers, lawyers, military experts, small business owners, web developers, computer programmers, freelancers. Some do not have college degree or diploma

They come here with variety of skills and knowledge. It is on those basis that I cannot be in a position to tell, how long it will take them to succeed

Final thought

My teacher at high school said, no one was borne a failure. If you write a school test or examination, and you fail, that doesn’t mean you’re stupid or failure.

It means, you have not fully acquired or understand what was required of you. That’s why we were given an opportunity to repeat what we have learned.

Same applies here online, we come with no knowledge or skills about internet or money making, but the more we learn, the more we acquire skills to make our dreams a success.

Word of warning, don’t underestimate your self that making money or business is for talented, brilliant or intelligent people. People can achieve success in many things online.

You may come here to promote affiliate marketing, but end up selling stunning images or photo’s. You may want to be super affiliate by selling Amazon products, but end up owning a membership site with more than 100 000 members.

How long does it take to achieve success online depends on your individual abilities, skills or knowledge and the correct mindset to succeed






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