How Long Does It Take You To Make Your First $100 Online?


This question is asked consistently by those who intend to join internet marketing industry. How long does it take anyone to make first $100 online.

Before, I can answer your question, we need to be at the same page in order to understand how internet marketing industry works. Firstly, this is a business like all other offline businesses. 

You need to build a business foundation first. You need to have a business plan. I know many people will say, I have build that plan, but it seems things are not adding up. You need to design a clear & practical plan to take you to $100 mark. Ask yourself the following question;

  • Why you need money?
  • What kind of business do you want to start?
  • Do you have skills to do it?
  • Where will find training to sharpen those skills
  • How long do you want to generate money?
Why you need money?

There’re many reasons;

  • You’re student, you want pay school/university fees, clothing, food
  • Unemployed, you want to pay bills
  • Employed, but low earning a low salary
  • You want quit your current employment
  • You want to be wealthy

There’ there are plenty of reasons, as I have alluded above

Where will you get money from?

That’s for sure, the only method to generate money is to setup a business. One of the quickest method is to generate money online, is by selling other people’s stuff (affiliate program). It requires low initial capital.

Surely any person can save little capital, no need for full time employment. You can ask for small amount from any family member, friends etc. But getting initial capital to start online business is very easy and quick

Do you have skills to do it?

There’s no need to advanced skills to sell products online, anyone can do it with ease. If you have a tablet, laptop, desktop and internet connection you have the tools.

However, you need some little bit of skills. There’re number of sites that can teach you. That’s where it becomes interesting. You have now acquired website development, content creation, marketing skills and has started to promote your business project. BUT, people don’t fall for it. They don’t buy anything from you. What then?

How long will it take you to make $100 then?

This is one of the most difficult stages in internet marketing industry, generating first dollar online. It’s either you quit or stay. Quitting is not an option. You said you want to make first $100 online, why now leaving. making your first dollar is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It’s success, it doesn’t occur on accident.

I have interviewed many internet marketing people here, They responded with mixed opinions. Some say it took them 2 months, others say, it took them 6 months, others one year and more.

It depends what you’re selling here, most importantly, the marketing/promotion method you use. It can be article marketing, email marketing, PPC, social media marketing etc.

$100 commission looks like an easy milestone. It looks like an easy target to achieve. Ask me is not. In this industry, achieving $100 it’s like climbing a Himalaya mountain. It’s easy & simple offline, but very difficult target to achieve here.

Once you have reached this target, you can achieve anything between $1 000 to $10 000/pm. My honest advice to newbies is to employ all different marketing methods, choose the one that brings you the first $10. Work on it, you’ll see $100 is achievable.

The question is, “How long does it take me to make my first $100 online. The answer is, it depends what marketing method you’re using, it can take you a week, 2 months, 6 months or 1 year or even more. All what is required here is patience, hard working, dedication, commitment to achieve that target. That’s how long it takes.

Most importantly a reputable internet marketing coach, not a self claimed guru







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