How Many Affiliate Programs Can You Promote Per Website?

There are thousands of affiliate programs/networks online. You can choose as many as you like, but, the point is, how many affiliate programs can you promote per website?

1. The good thing about choosing many programs

There is no limit as to how many programs you can sign up with. Many networks enables you to choose different kinds of products to promote. You can choose from travelling air tickets, baby clothes, office equipment/supplies etc.

It simply also allows you to choose a suitable niche, or you can test which niche is more profitable than the other. In that sense, it will give you a variety of choices. Another benefit is that you get as many link as possible to promote online. When visitors search they will possibly find one of your affiliate link or banners.

2. The Bad thing about choosing many programs

The only worse case scenario, is, how many products/services will you afford to promote. From my experience each product requires your full attention to market. It is difficult or rather impossible to promote more than 10 products at once. Each item requires good planning, quality promotion. Visitors won’t just buy anything that is poorly promoted.

Remember they use real money to buy. They carefully plan before buying anything, especially here online. They have a right to demand a refund if not satisfied. Although having many items to sell its good idea, but, not all of them will interest your site visitors. So, choose wisely.

3. How many can you promote on your site? 

Now that you have chosen your products/services to promote. The next thing is again to promote them online. The only platform where you will promote them is on your website. How many sites do you have, 2,3,5,8 sites. Do you give all of them enough opportunity to promote.

There’s a tendency among internet marketing newbies. Because they are not taught the right way to market affiliate products.

They simply create poorly developed site, and start copying & pasting affiliate links everywhere. They are of the opinion that if they promote many products in one place, visitors will be purchase any product they come across.

A word of advice, visitors search the web to find solutions to their problems. If they visit a site staffed with many different products/services, they simple leave the site.

They’re aware that your site is a promotional platform. You’re promoting everything that you come across. That’s the mistake newbies make. A site must first offer valuable content to visitors, not promotion.

In order to avoid seeing them leaving your site, try to promote not more than five products in your site. The first one must be the main product, followed by four related items. For example, clothing, skirts, shoes, shirts, etc.

These are related to one another. Promoting many products in one site is a bad idea, you’re chasing visitors away. Some of them knows that you’re an affiliate for certain network. They will prefer to visit the merchant site and buy items there.

So be careful, try as much as possible to hide your role. People don’t want to buy from agents, instead they prefer to buy from the real vendor. As an affiliate, you must act as if you’re the merchant yourself.

Try to promote the merchant brand name not yourself. Thus, if you want to promote affiliate programs, never do so on single website, rather create many website instead. If you want to know, how many affiliate programs you can promote per website learn more below.









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