How Many People Earn $150 000/Year In Affiliate Marketing?






This is a serious question which deserves some honest answers.

How Many People Earn $150 000/Year In Affiliate Marketing?. There’re plenty of them. Affiliate marketing is a business like all other.

In case you disagree with me,  how come Jeff Bizos, makes billion dollars year after year. In case you don’t know. He owns one of the biggest online retail store called Which has  more than 1 million Amazon affiliates, assisting the guy to generate billion profit every year.

One may argue that he/she tried to join Amazon Associate Central as an affiliate but was unsuccessful. There’re may be many reasons for that. You need ask yourself the following questions;

  •  What’s Amazon anyway?
  • Who introduce you to Amazon affiliate program?
  • Did you have a website
  • What kind  promotional material did you use?
  • Do you know how to promote Amazon product?
  • Or did you receive  appropriate affiliate marketing training?
  • What kind of products were you promoting?
  • How much capital did you invest in your promotion?
  • In case you have a site, was it appropriately designed to promote Amazon product/services
  • Etc,etc

These are pertinent questions you need to ask yourself. To generate $150 000/year is not a sprint, but a marathon. Its not in dispute that there’re quite a number of affiliate marketers who generate this amount every year.

What causes affiliate marketers fail in this industry?

Before any person can make such income, there’re huge obstacles to go through. One of them is to learn how to build business. Your starting point is to build a permanent business, similar to what others to do offline. Because affiliate marketing and offline business are one and the same thing.

In case you have successfully established offline business, chances are great that you can succeed in setting up affiliate marketing entity . The approach is the same. But if you adopt a different approach (cutting corners). I can assure you’ll fail miserably.

In case it’s business like other, why it’s labelled a scam/illegitimate?

Indeed affiliate marketing is a scam business. Those who regard it as scam, is because they don’t have a clue how to promote product/services in general. Promoting business online is the same as doing it offline.

If you employ  unscrupulous/deceitful marketing methods people will label your product as scams. If you promote business product/services in a deceitful way, you should not be surprised if buyers call you a scammer or corn artist. 

Final thought

How Many People Earn $150 000/Year In Affiliate Marketing? Be rest assured, I know of many affiliates who generate such amount every year online. I would be lying if I promise that you can be one of them. That can only be possible if you’re willing to learn how to build legitimate business.

The only starting point is to get intensive training about setting up a  business in general. Your training will involve promotion/marketing goods to potential buyers. Another important aspect is to search for potential buyers. People don’t just buy anything. They choose wisely what they need, when, where, and from whom to buy. As an affiliate you need to know what people are looking for.

It boils down to marketing/promotion skills. Those who generate $150 000, have acquired extensive affiliate marketing skills







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