How Many Website Must You have To be Successful Online


I have made recommendation about site creation, content building, marketing and tracking in my previous posts. Now People ask me questions as to how many website must one create in order to be successful online

I will say it depends on the number of niches your ventured into. Someone may say that you should choose as many niches as possible. I’m not sure about that, but many people manages more than 5 niche sites. All of those sites are doing very well. Others have more than that number, but they are not so lucky.

Choosing many niches

Choosing many niches may be a good idea, because it gives you more opportunities to research & test, and ultimately know which of niche sites produce good results.

Managing many sites requires a lot of energy and time. You need to manage as many of them as possible. It consumes much of your time such that you won’t even have spare time for yourself and family. If you manage more sites, possibilities are that your success rate may be very low. 

But if look you look at it, the other way round, choosing many niches & developing many niche sites is not a problem.

The benefit of having many sites is that if successfully managed them, it can generate huge income. On the other hand its demanding, and can take away your own precious family time.

Choosing few niches

Choosing one or two niches & create a website around them, may be narrow approach to building online business.

The internet has million niches to venture into. Restricting yourself to one or two business projects may be viewed as laziness from your site. As I have said before, tackling few workload whereas you have the ability to do more, may not produce good results.

Imagine managing one or two sites while others successfully manage dozens of them & generating daily income thereof. 

However, it cannot be said that those who have many sites are really successful. Some they do achieve good results others are battling to make any penny out of it.

The reason lies with the site managers, if you can tackle huge workload, managing different sites may be an issue. but if you can’t, simple, one or two sites may be just fine.

The benefits of managing few sites is that it allows you to fully focus your attention to them, rather than moving around trying to master different projects. Few sites management also enables you to measure your achievement & goals. 

Final thought


Creating many niche sites provide you with better opportunities to be successful online within few year period. Whereas, others don’t have those capabilities.

Therefore few projects will just be fine. But managing multiple business projects gives you a good opportunity to succeed within a limited time frame. Those who can’t afford to execute many projects, must stick to what they can afford.

Success is not a sprint but a process. So creating & managing multiple sites depends on the time, amount of effort you are willing to invest. At the same time paying full attention to few of them can produce good results. 






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