How Much Capital Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

Most Newbie Affiliate marketers want to know, How Much Capital Do One Need To Start Affiliate Marketing business. There’s no exact amount required, however every business project needs capital to start off the ground

I will try as much as I can to explain below;

Choosing a domain name

No capital required here. It’s simple deciding on a name/brand. Submit it to domain sites, e.g. HostGator, GoDaddy or

Hosting fees

A minimum of $10/per year is required, but it depends on the hosting company. It can be any amount but not more than $20. Therefore you need to have $10 in your account every year. Otherwise your domain name will not appear online

Purchasing a theme

There’re are many themes providers online, others are free, some are not, you purchase them. Paid themes costs in the region of $40 – $60 once off. Deciding on a theme layout depends on you.

WordPress has more than thousands you can choose from. The good thing about WordPress theme, they’re free. You don’t pay. But you must create content, Writing pages/posts.

Don’t make mistake believing that free themes are no good, only paid ones are stunning. From my own experience, you should go for WordPress theme.

WordPress themes enable you to customize it the way you like without anyone’s permission. Paid themes require you to contact theme provider for assistance

Purchasing Images

Purchasing images/photos for your site is must. Remember, your site is like your book/magazine. Just imagine, you have a book/magazine without photos these days. Dreastime, from $29/pm – $50/pm . You can visit other image providers and check their pricing structure

Purchasing email responder

Your site visitors may want to contact you via email to find more information about your site. Others may want to subscribe and receive regular updates about your products/services.

You thus need to signup with email hosting company of your choice. charges $10/per year, while others like charges $19/pm depending on your email needs

Promoting your affiliate marketing business

Well, promoting a business online is very expensive. Some say you can marketing your business for free on social media. I was there, social media can assist as primary method of marketing your business

But don’t raise your hopes too high. You may post as many ads as you like on social media, but get zero profit in the process. People use social media for social engagement, not for buying goods/services. Social media can be used to tell social media users about your business. Sometimes for promoting a new product on your site.

For starters a minimum capital required can be in the region of $1 000/pm. You can use free online marketing methods but financial returns are very poor. You may not even get $10/pm. The reason is simple, you’re running a business for purposes of getting profit.

There’re many type of business online, small, medium, large entities. Big business like Walmart, Amazon etc., are prepared to pay as much as $100/per click, in order to dominate online business market. Each and every month they’re prepared¬† pay millions of dollars on marketing alone

Final thought

The question, How Much Capital Do You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?  my answer, it depends on what kind of affiliate marketing business you want to pursue. Be as it may, certain Capital amount needs to be determined before embarking on building affiliate marketing business. I will say you need to budget a minimum of $3 000/pm as a start.






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