How Much Income Do Internet Marketers Make online?

This is the type of question most aspirant internet marketers ask before joining internet marketing industry, How much income do they make online? The simply answer is that they make between $100 – $100 000 or more per month. 

Is internet marketing a place to make money?

My honest answer is no. Internet marketing is a business like all other business you find offline. It’s no secret that, opportunities for generating full time income in this industry are abundant. But I need to warn you, you need to come here fully prepared.

What I mean by this, is that you need to have a correct mindset and a long term business plan. If you can combine the two then internet marketing business is indeed a place to make money.

What’s  correct mindset?  

You need to know first that money doesn’t grow on trees, you must work you butt off in order to succeed in this industry. Building a life long internet marketing business requires a correct mindset to succeed. I order for you to be rich you need to know that no one will make you wealthy, you and only you can make yourself rich.

You must be prepared to work hard, loose money, generate money in the process. If you don’t want to devote your whole attention on building business, then you don’t have a correct mindset.

What’s a long term plan? 

A long term plan is to build business or money making platform. But what’s money making platform?. It’s life long project to create wealth through internet marketing. You must bring together business tools.

The primary tools involve, creating a platform/website, manage & build it, invest small, medium or large capital. The next tools, is to develop promotion tools, continuous content creation & maintenance. These tools must incorporate email, social media, article/blog, PPC marketing.

These are kind of tools internet marketers employ everyday to attain their target, i.e. generating consistent income online.

The marketing tools they employ, determines how much income they will make in the process. This is what I’m referring to when I say, you need a long term plan in this industry.

Will a long term plan determine how much income an internet marketer will make?

A plan remains a plan, it won’t generate a penny for any internet marketer. What will generate the results (income) is the practical implementation of the plan itself.

A plan is as good as a plan, but the plan must be put into action. You may be asking yourself the following question, there’re thousands or even million money making plans online, do they indeed help internet marketers generate income?

To answer that question, you will never find a clear cut-plan to make income online. All different plans depends on the person who developed them. Any business or income generating plan differs from one developer to another.

You can’t copy & paste one’s person success plan and make it yours. Whatever method you plan to employ to generate income will depend on your own program of action. What you want to achieve, how, when, for how long?.

Let’s say you choose email marketing method to market product/services online, but you’re unfortunately not successful, you then choose social media and you succeed. Another person cannot be so lucky with email marketing method.

He/she may be successful if he/she employs different method. That’s where the difficulty lies. You can’t simply develop a plan &  two months down the line it generates income for you.

How much income do internet marketers actually make?

My answer to this question will be, they may be making anything between $1 000 or $100 000 or more it depends on the successful marketing method they use.

They may be using PPC, email, social media marketing or any other method or combination of all of them. That’s why there’s no clear cut answer as to how much income do internet marketers make online.






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