Learn How Much Money You Can Make In Short and Long Term Online?

 How much can I expect to make in short and long term online? These are kind of questions people tend to ask when joining internet marketing industry.

They are genuine questions which deserve honest answers. People have been told many confusing/mixed stories about making money online.

1. Short term
  • Join affiliate networks

Joining money making business project is simple. You just search for affiliate marketing network, i.e. Amazon, Commission Junction, linkshare, and many more. Your application get approved and you have access to their affiliate website.

They will provide you with affiliate link, your task is to market their product, using affiliate link. If you you’re lucky, customers may buy through it, and you will then receive commission for your effort.

  • Get free traffic

In order to market your affiliate link you need to get free traffic. There’re thousands of websites that can assist you to blast your ad to millions buyers. In that case, your link will appear in front of million prospective buyers. You may possibly find people interested in the product you’re selling.

  • Join Google adsense

Google allows website owners to place ads in their sites. Any site can do the trick, as long as it attracts enough traffic. When people visit their sites, they will eventually click the ads that appear therein. Google will pay a minimum amount for that effort

  • Try Paid Surveys Online

 These are easy to find when searching online. If you find  any of them, you simply join and start taking survey forms. Once they’re approved, you will be rewarded with some cash incentives. 

2. Long term
  • Your passion and interest

Before attempting to climb on  internet marketing wagon, you need to have passion and interest in building a lifelong business. What’s you passion? What’s your interest in anyway. This is one of the solid foundation of building business online and offline. What interests you, what are you passionate about.

You need to search for these attributes in yourself. People don’t trust anyone, they always assess what you promise to offer and whether you like what you’re doing, before they can take any decision. This is not about them but it is about your inner self. 

  • Register and host a domain

Once you have decided on your interest and passion, you then go forward deciding what you want to offer your customers (people). You must register a domain name and host it. This may costs you not more than $20/per year

  • Build  a site

Building a website takes few minutes, it can only be done under 1 hr. WordPress. org has made this process very easy. You simply join WordPress, choose a Theme, i.e. website look, publish it, you are done. Your site will be up and running

  • Create content for your site

Creating content means, writing posts, pages, putting banners on your site footer or sidebars. Here you start engaging with people online. A word of warning! this one is the lifeblood of any website.

You don’t just create content but, you consistently create quality content. Remember, in order for visitors to keep coming to you site, you need to offer them quality information

Quality information is not a once off event, it’s a process, an ongoing exercise. Overtime people will start to follow you, if you give something of value.

  • Build traffic to your site

There’re many methods of traffic building. One of them is to promote your site in all social media networks. But the most effective one is to write consistent content. You need to write posts every week, at least 3-5 posts in your website.

In order to rank high on google, you need to feed your site with content at least everyday or  every week. If you don’t write posts or pages for a week or months, you site will loose search engine ranking. Google is serious about this. It doesn’t rank unattended website.

  • Build site authority

 Creating content and building traffic is what matters most online. Every site owner wants to be recognized, wants to be on top of other sites. That can only be done by creating content and attracting traffic

 Final thought

Going back to the question “How much can I make in short and long term online” The long term period is where people make 4,5, or 6 figure income.

Coming to short term period, about 95% of newbies online fall on this category. They’re in a rush, they’re misled, they jump from one business method to the other, hoping to  get quick results. Unfortunately they fail miserably.








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