How Saving Money Can Guarantee Future Prosperity






The secret to being wealthy is to put money aside in the form of savings. It’s pointless to earn a lot of money and to spend it all. If you want to build real wealth, you must find a balance between spending and saving. You can do this through smart investments. 

But, the first step you should take every month is to save a fixed percentage of your income for yourself before paying anything or anyone else. If you don’t do this, you and your family won’t ever enjoy the rewards of your hard work

Save 10% of your income/ business profit

Decide right away that you have a greater responsibility towards yourself and your family than to anyone else. Be ruthless and save anything between 10% and 30% of your monthly income for yourself. Don’t be concerned if your current budget doesn’t balance and you think that you will never be able to save 10% of your income.

Putting money aside for your savings, first, is the only way to take financial control of your life. Time and again, we have seen how successful it has been when you pay yourself first each month and
then pay your creditors. Suddenly opportunities appear that can be used to balance your monthly budget.

We contribute this to the fact that if you are positive and determined about your money matters, you’ll be surprised how solutions, which previously impossible, suddenly become a reality.

Your Own Business

If  you have your own business it’s easy to pay yourself first. If, for example, you decide your monthly withdrawal should be $5 000, then you simply transfer $500 (10%) to your savings account or an investment first.
The most important step to building wealth is to constantly remember that you are rewarding yourself first for all your hard work, and that all other obligations can be settled after that. You are mistaken if you think that you must instantly pay your creditors in full and you’re left with nothing.

Some people believe, that there’s nothing left to save or to pay oneself, since, whole salary goes to pay for monthly bills. I need to advice you that, you must write down all your monthly expenses.

A 10% saving should form part of your monthly expenditure. Big business do it every day, they offer to sell you a product, it can be a small loan or insurance product with a minimum of $27 monthly premium. And premium amount will increase by 10% every year

This is a clever method to generate income for the company. The offer is tempting, very few people can refuse to part ways with such an amount. If they can compel you spend such amount, what stops you from committing only 10% of your income paying yourself. You can do it with ease.

It doesn’t matter how high or low your salary is; the 10% savings plan will work for you. By saving 10% of your salary each month, you’re applying an important rule that everyone should live by: It’s not how much you earn, but how much you save that builds wealth!







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