Learn How To Address WordPress Website Issues


If you want to build business online, surely you need to create website. It’s quick & easy to develop one. WordPress.com has created a platform to assist those who have no web development knowledge/skills to create websites.

Once it has been developed, you need stuff it with content. Content creation  include, writing posts/pages, adding images, plugins, login information, customizing header, adding HTML codes, copying & pasting HTML codes etc. However. wordpress sites has their own inherent technical issues. There’re non technical & technical issues


Non technical site issues
  • You can’t login to your site – contact WordPress Support
  • Unable to upload images/photos – image/photo too big in dimensions, crop it
  • Pages doesn’t appear in main menu – first add it to menu structure
  • Plugins are slowing down site speed – delete/deactivate plugin, choose another one
  • Social media icons are not showing up – social media plugin not activated or properly customized
  • Side widgets doesn’t show images – add product code on widget area
  • Unable to upload profile photo/gravatar – contact WordPress support or upload on WordPress.com
  • Unable to customize header images – Theme doesn’t have header image feature or support it
  • Unable to create create link on posts/pages – Download Pretty link plugin
  • ETC

The above are simple non technical site issues commonly found when developing your site. A quick solution to address these issues is to search articles or YouTube video’s for quick solution. They’re non technical by nature. Solutions to these issues are easily available, you don’t have to pay penny to address them. They have to do with your lack of basic wordpress knowledge. Or alternatively you can go to Wikihow.com, simple type the question and get answers related to your site issues.

Technical issues

As the word implies itself, you need technical knowledge to address them

  • WordPress edit text/visual mode not showing when writing posts/pages
  • Header images/logo is missing
  • Copy & pasted HTML code is not working on posts/pages
  • Google unable to index my site
  • Google can’t find my site
  • How to copy & paste code on PHP files
  • Adding a HTML code on header files
  • ETC

These issues are so technical that you need to find a web development expert to fix them. Some may not agree with this statement, and advice you to search for answers online. Unfortunately we have thousands of people who claim that, they have the solutions to wordpress issues, but only to find them referring you to other sites.

Others will advice you to post a question in WordPress. org. Members there are very helpful, but the problem is that they will speak to you as if you know what HTML, PHP WP DEBUG files are all about, e.g. “copy this”, open your wp files, paste there”

 Remember, You don’t have a clue about programming language. you’re scarred to mess up your website technical files. Never do anything you not familiar with.

What you can do to solve technical issues

Technical issues can be solved by searching for that specific issue online, read articles/blog about related issue, post questions on web forum. Forum members may give you tips or advice about you specific site issue, search on Google YouTube about related video’s.

Remember, you just want to address one or two issues, don’t allow helpers to entice you to join their sites in order to get help, because you’ll find yourself subscribed to every site online. 

With regard to non technical issues, they are very difficult to solve or find an expert to assist you. The only place where you can get help is at Fiverr.com. This site has a range of web development/programming/info-graphic experts, the list is endless.

They provide every service you may think of regarding wordpress issues, video development, webtraffic, SEO experts, photo/image creation and a long range of other related services. It costs only $5 depending on the quantity of gig you need.

A word of advice

Although Fiverr.com gig suppliers are experts, not all of them have good reputation. You need to search those that have 10 or positive reviews. Others do supply gigs, but not expert enough to address your WordPress technical issues








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