How To Blog, Make Money With Amazon Affiliate


Website: Amazon Kindle Books

Owner: Dan Johnson

Rating: 0/5

For who: Beginners


This is a book by Dan Johnson, How to Blog, Make Money with Amazon Affiliate website. Currently its doesn’t have good  rating. It has 15 pages. It’s gives a short summary about Amazon associate central, and how to tap into Amazon Affiliate site. The book is arranged according to the following chapters;

  • Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Earn Income With Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO and Search Engine
  • Your Blog Future

The book provides basic understanding of Amazon affiliate program. It seeks to show that if you want to pursue Amazon associate program you need to create a blog. A blog is simple method to participate in Amazon programs.

On the other hand it teaches you how to effectively engage with this platform. It’s earmarked for  affiliate marketing beginners. It’s a first step towards Amazon affiliate interface. The author also tries to teach beginners about SEO , which includes Search Engine platform


Its a useful tool for beginners who have not yet heard about Amazon Associate network. It’s for  affiliate marketing newbies. Amazon requires any affiliate to have a website or blog. It’s one of the basic requirements in order to participate. In the first chapter, the author tries to explain the importance of a website or blog.

However, the author doesn’t provide learning how to create Amazon blog. Creating Amazon website is somewhat challenging. Not every blog created will lead to money making dreams.

In order to create a blog, not just any blog, you need to learn how to do that. It’s a bit complicated to create a site to sell Amazon products. A blog of this nature, requires the blog owner to understand the basic knowledge of WordPress.

When you create such platform, you need to learn the fundamentals of web development, although its not a requirement, but you need a basic understanding of how it works.

SEO is a topic that is widely discussed online. This kind of knowledge requires a training of its own. The fundamentals of SEO is to position your blog in such a manner that, search engine crawlers is capable of finding your blog.

You as newbie will not understand how it works. You’re required to get training in order to know how it works. The author doesn’t provide sufficient information in that regard.

Final thought

The book attempts to train beginner affiliate marketers how to blog (create blogging platform), Make money with Amazon affiliate network. It provides a basic knowledge about Amazon network & blogging exercise.

However, although the book provides such training, the chapters are very brief, doesn’t give sufficient information that will assist buyers to generate consistent income from Amazon. Amazon is one of the biggest network online, advanced and newbies alike are currently competing to profit from it.

The author is just giving a glimpse of how it works, doesn’t provide a detailed step by step training of making money out of it.

But, the book is a suitable piece of information of how beginners can pursue money making dreams on Amazon. It’s not that difficult to participate, what is more difficult is how to master the money making dreams there.

The book has poor rating, Check others with similar topic







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