How To Build Sales Funnel That Makes You Money Consistently






I was surfing the web sometimes ago, and came across the article ” How To Build A Sales Funnel That Makes You Money Consistently” .Don’t get me wrong the product owner teaches his subscribers, how to develop a sales funnel. He has something like 30 000 of them in his site. That’s huge following, I commend him for that.

When I went through the details as to how he made $50 000 month after month, I became interested to learn more. He mentioned that at some point he developed a sales funnel for certain doctor at $20 000 selling price

What’s a sales funnel is talking about?

According to him, a sales funnel is a secret formula that generates money consistently, month after month. The so-called sales funnel according to him is a unique new method , something completely new. A sales funnel is something irresistible, something people with financial problems can’t live without.

Where to find customers to buy sales funnel?

The author teaches his subscribers, to conduct a market research. The purpose is to find people who financially battle to pay their bills. Build a sales funnel for them. According to him, that’s where you build a sales funnel to generate money for yourself

My perspective on the sales funnel

I have indicated in some of my posts on this site. “Sales Funnel or Secret Formula” doesn’t exist. If indeed they do, it only exist for its developer/creator. People search online for money making system. Out of these system they create money making ideas for themselves.

Such products don’t benefit the buyer but they only benefit product owners. No one will ever make you rich, only your diligent hard working will take you there.

The guy talks about market research. What that implies, is to search for desperate people in need for money to pay their bills. These kind of people are so vulnerable,  that they can do whatever it takes to make money.

It doesn’t matter whether they do so legitimately or otherwise. They will purchase anything including sales funnel

Final thought

All business entities have their own legitimate sales funnel. Amazon, Walmart, Coca Cola have their own secret formula or simply call it “sales funnel”. But what separate them from so-called secret formula is in the product itself. These companies operate under strict business rules/principles.

What Walmart promises in its marketing campaign, is being tested in the product itself. If consumers are not satisfied  about what is claimed in the product, there’s money back guarantee. The law requires the company to remove all related products from their shelves.

The principle differs here online. Anyone sells any product, it doesn’t matter whether consumer rules are followed or not. As long as the seller generates money and become rich. Less focus is paid to the consumer of such product.

Remember, vulnerable/poor consumers become victims of such system. That’s reality about “sales, secret formula” online. In case you want to build a lifelong business either offline or online you need to learn the basic principles. I need to warn you, there’s nothing like secret sales funnel/formula.

If you or anyone wants to generate consistent income, you must learn how to set up legitimate business. It doesn’t matter where you want build it, either offline or online







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