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Owner: Justin Gibbs

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For Who: Beginners


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This is the book written by Justin Gibbs, Complete guide to Mastery, on how to build website with WordPress. The book teaches the buyer how to create a site or blog using WordPress network. It costs $2.99 Kindle price. It was published on 20 July, 2016, and consist of 46 pages. It has the following chapters;

  • What’s WordPress
  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Access to dashboard
  • Choosing a theme
  • Writing posts/pages
  • Interaction with website
  • Adding plugins
  • Managing user features
  • Important tips to improve website

Basically, the book is earmarked for newbies, people who has never created a site or blog before. It teaches them how to use WordPress to create a site. The author also tries to teach newbies how to interact with the site features and functionality.

In the event, you don’t have clue about site creation using WordPress, this book will take you through the process. It enables you to master the art of website creation and development.

In case you are wondering, as to how to create a site, but don’t know how to do it, purchase this book material to get started.  It provides step by step method of creating a site of your own.

The Bad:

Although, the book provides, step by step instructions on how to build a website with WordPress, it’s not magic formula for acquiring a web development skill. WordPress has provided a feature for small site developers to acquire the basic skill of creating their own site platform.

Learning how to develop a WordPress site is not an advanced method of creating a website. WordPress sites have their own web development challenges. The technical aspect is one of those challenges facing site owners online.

WordPress site functionality, which include, site bugs, html code & files poses a challenge to newbies. WordPress sites are continuously under attack by hackers.

I’m referring to spam comments, site speed, instilled plugins, WordPress html, xml, files and codes. The author did not provide such information in the book. You need to find such information online at an additional cost.

Final thought

good-vs-bad-debtOne of the basic requirement for making your online presence, is to build a website or blog. People want to interact with others online, but don’t have a site to do so.

The next thing they ask web development expert to create a sites for them. That kind of approach is bit expensive and has some difficulties. Most web developers fail to take into account your personal needs. They create a site for you based on their customer needs and the previous site project they have completed.

In order to create a website based on your personal requirement you need to do so the WordPress method. This book will assist you on how to develop it. May be you want to sell fiction books, anything about cooking, jogging, food preparation, wellness products, the book will guide on how to develop a simple wordpress site.

You don’t need web development skills, the book Complete guide to mastery on how to build website with WordPress will help you get started with site creation the easy method.








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