How To Correctly Choose Domain For Your Website






Choosing a domain name is like giving your business a brand name, put it differently you’re giving your business your own unique label. Now that you have a niche, you want to promote your niche product to the world.

Firstly thing you choose a domain name for your website or blog. Your first step is to match your domain with product you intend to sell in your website.

Let’s assume your site is about strollers. You need to research what kind of strollers people are looking for. Or anything about strollers, not everyone is looking for strollers, but others have purchased them, but looking for alternative products related to strollers. The issue here is to align  your product with what people are looking for.

Choosing a domain name may look very simple, However, you need to pay attention to what buyers are looking for. People looking for strollers must not struggle to find what they’re looking for. Therefore the choice of your website domain must be thoroughly researched.

Coming up with domain name

Say you want to tell your audience about strollers, therefore your domain name should include the words strollers. e,g, “” or,, Your site is about anything related to “strollers”. You will then build your site around strollers. Therefore your domain name will have anything to do with “strollers”

SEO and your domain name

People searching for stroller product will easily find your site. Search engine crawlers normally search for relevant keywords. When people search online, they put certain keywords, and the crawlers search for those keywords. If google search for those keywords, it looks for relevant term used by web searchers.

Thus if your domain name is relevant to what people are looking for, it will show up in their search results. Your domain name should be SEO friendly. You shouldn’t choose any domain name, but choose something relevant to what people are searching for.

Choose a short domain and easy to spell

Try to choose a short domain name or a name that people can spell easily or a name that people can easily remember. In the example above, is a domain name people can easily remember. It’s very short & concise. Any person looking for strollers will be inclined to click it, and get an insights about strollers. Review sites are common online. They give an opinion about specific products.

Branding your site

All business entities are branded. A relevant domain name will serve as a distinguishing mark from other websites. It serves as branding tool & separate it from the rest., is too general, every stroller is good, but is unique and specific to what you intend to say in your site. It creates authority for your site. Therefore, when you choose a domain name for your site, you must think about an element of authority. Your domain name must stand out from the crowd. Your chosen domain name should brand your business.

Final thought

Choosing a domain name is a matter of careful planning. You must choose something that will stand out from the crowd, something that will identify what your business is all about. That’s what we call it branding, something that will separate your business from the rest. That’s the correct way of choosing a domain for your website.








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