Learn How To Create A Blog For Beginners








Are you a beginner, wanting to create a blog? This is one of the most easiest & quickest task of creating an online platform today. Here I will show you how easy it is to create it.

Choose  Domain name

It’s very important that you plan what you want to do in your blog, i.e. what is it that you want to promote. My be you want to sell men/women perfumes. You must go on to create a domain name. It must be relevant to what you intend to talk about. In your case, men&womenperfumes.com. You can see that you want to develop a blog around selling perfumes.  It must be specific to what you want to sell or niche (men/women perfumes). Most domain names cost below $15 per year. You pay once that amount for the next 12 months. It’s cheap.

Hosting your domain name

This step involves hosting your domain name. The very same company where you register your domain, will host it as well. . If you have a specific hosting company, you’re free to host it elsewhere.  For convenient sake I recommend that you host it where you have registered it.

Create WordPress account

You need to create an account with WordPress.com. There’re are thousand themes to choose from. There’re also companies that offer similar service. Once you have an account, you proceed choosing any theme you like or something that will support the domain you have chosen. 

Once you have decided on an appropriate theme you must install & and activate it. Make sure that you choose a simple theme. A theme that doesn’t require too much technical stuff, because you a new here.

Install the theme

WordPress will give you login platform. It enables you to login into your blog panel, where you will customize blog. After you have obtained your login details & logged in your blog. You’ll be taken to wordpress dashboard. A dashboard is the interface where you can write posts/pages, put images, create settings anything you want to write/create, including uploading images. It’s basically your workshop. You process anything there.

Because you like perfumes you can write articles about any sort of perfumes. The process of creating a blog is simple and free. You don’t pay anything to create one. There’re websites who’re paid for creating. But, I recommend you to use a free method, since you’re new here.


The moment you have gained sufficient web development knowledge, you can then proceed to paid method. But for now it’s OK to use free method. It will go a long way in training you, how to create, use, customize, update your blog.






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