Learn How to Create A Complete Website Within An Hour

This sounds impossible, but it’s not that, difficult any more. A website is a tool to communicate and engage meaningfully online. It is a  communication platform where you make contacts, share/exchange information with other internet users. It also assist to promote  your business as well. How can it be created within an hour?. I will show you. 

Creating your own website with WordPress

I know you’re wondering how one can create a site without web development skills or training. Your initial website can easily be created by using simply WordPress.

Besides wordpress, there’re other platforms that can assist you to create one, But WordPress is the most simpler site creation platform. You don’t need HTML, programming knowledge or to hire a professional to help you. You can do it yourself without any web development skills.

Create an account

You need to create an wordpress account in order to access site platform. Creating an account is easy and free, visit WordPress site & create an account. Once an account has been created, you just login into its website interface. The account login credentials will enable you access to WordPress site.

Choose a theme

WordPress has thousands themes to choose from. You can choose any theme layout. Your chosen theme is thus the look and feel of your future website.

You need to choose a very simple & easy theme property, don’t be lured by other theme developers, by offering you to purchase theirs, since at the beginning I have mentioned, a site can be created within one hours time, without paying a dime. In order to download a theme, you need a domain name. Domain name are very cheap. At GoDaddy.com they costs below $10.

Install WordPress theme

With your domain name, you just install the theme & start creating your website. WordPress.com will provide you with login credentials to sign in to your “dashboard”. This is the interface where you will create content for your website. It enables the following

  1. Media – where you will upload photos/images
  2. Pages – like book chapters, its where you will organize your content
  3. Posts – where you will write articles about your site
  4. Appearance – contains your current theme & others, customizing, adding widgets, menus etc.
  5. Plugins – these are additional properties to your site to improve site functionality
  6. Users – your profile information
  7. Tools – Importing & exporting your site content
  8. Settings – your site settings
  9. Pretty link – where you’ll create links for your site
  10. and many more

Its therefore easy to have a website in a short space of time. The dashboard is like your workplace where production, distribution takes place. It’s a place where you will create, upload, write anything about your site.

Final thought

A website can be created within a short space of time. no need for technical skill of doing it. If you outsource this tasks to someone else, you must be prepared to pay money.

Why paying for something you can do it for free. Some web developers will tell you that, creating site without web development knowledge is a bad idea. Trust me it’s not, instead it sharpens your knowledge, provides you with new skills.

Your own website, created by you, will enable you with an opportunity  to change/add anything you like. If  you allow someone else do it for you, you must be prepared to always contact him/her about anything you want to remove/add in your site. You will be less productive in your business project.




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