How To Create An Effective landing Page For Your Website




What’s landing page anyway?

I’m sure you have come across a lot of information about a landing pages. Below I will teach you how to create an effective landing page for your site or blog.

Firstly, you need to grasp a clear understanding what a landing page is.  When a visitor clicks a link in Google, he/she is taken to a site associated with that link. It may be a link or an image or video. The first page that appears is called a landing page. It can be a squeeze page, post, page or any web page that comes up after a visitor has clicked link in the  web browser

Why a landing page is important?

A landing page is a front door of your website. You, as a site owner should work very hard to develop it. A poorly, underdeveloped landing page has the probability of driving your site visitors away. The landing page contains all information that you promise visitors that they will find when they click any link you placed online.

If you wrote a post/image or video about your site, and the visitor click it, it will immediately take them to your so called front door (landing page). This is a page that has the capacity to inform any visitor about you site content. If your site is about clothing, the landing page should contain all information related to clothing items. The visitor should not struggle to understand what your site is all about. What you promise in your image/posts or video should first  appear on your landing page

How to create an effective landing?

People have a tendency to complicate what a landing page is all about. Don’t get confused, a landing page is just a simple  where all traffic is sent after clicking your link or ad. You don’t have to hire someone to create one. You can do it yourself in a very simple steps.

Components of a landing page

Your landing page must briefly describe your product/services you offer to visitors. What compels visitors to click your link or ad must be contained in your landing page. It must describe all your products or related services contained therein. A visitor should not struggle about searching for your products/services.

Many people are visual by nature, therefore, you should try to describe your products by including images/photos. Another important attribute of your landing page are video’s. Video’s will assist visitors to quickly play a video rather than reading  product text. You should add a short video about your website.

Here, you should create internal links, they drive visitors to all corners of your website, in case they don’t find what they look for in you landing page. A landing is your first door to your site, it must lead a visitor to another sub landing pages. Remember you should add a reasonable number of internal links. since a lot of them will tend to confuse your visitor and get annoyed and leave. Many links tend to distract your visitor’s attention

Final thought

A landing page is just  simple web page of your website. It’s a front door of your website. It’s simple to create, you don’t need to purchase a software to create one. Landing pages, differ in shape and content. It all depends what you as a site want to include. Forget about expert who promises to build one for you. It’s you platform, only you knows what you intend to offer to your visitors, nobody else. Learn from this post how to create an effective landing page for your website, going forward.






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