Learn How To Create Content For Your Business Site


Most people don’t understand the idea around any search engine. What matters most these days regrading any search engine is WEBSITE CONTENT. In this post I will tell how to create content for your business site.

I’m sure you have heard a lot about search engine optimization, and how to structure your content to improve your website position. Forget about what people or gurus say about search engine. Think Google, in short learn how Google works.

Google ¬†and others are search engine platform, they have billion users, searching for information. Paying money do so. Google, therefore as an entity has responsibility to ensure that people get information they’re looking for. The bottom line is CONTENT. It pays too much attention on quality content.

Why quality content?

Content is the only method that will enable your site to rank in every search engine, no other way round. Every user online, spend too much of his/her precious time searching for information.

If you have a website lacking for such information, users will suffer big time and hate the platform. It therefore search engine responsibility to deliver what users are searching for. It has to separate players from serious content creators. Sites without quality information will be discarded.

It becomes your responsibility as well to create and deliver valuable information to users. That way you would have complied with Google search engine guidelines.

Building content for your website

As I have said before, Google and other search engines are looking for quality content. Recently, they have paid too much attention on those sites which deliver good content to their users.

The issue of keywords, backlinking, page ranking are no longer of great importance. Reason is that site owners had in the past cheated on these attributes, they had failed to write quality information, instead they focus of how search engine works rather that what people are looking for. As a result search engine algorithm was structured to give value to content only. You as a site owners has to pay too much attention to the following aspects;

  • The content itself

Search engines are designed to search for quality content against low quality information. Quality content means, informative posts, pages and visual material. A content that is interesting and informative to site visitors.

The content that will attract the visitor to stay and read on. I’m not referring to a long content, if you are able to produce a long post/page, it must contain an interesting information. That’s what I’m referring to here.

  • The social value

Good quality information has a probability of being shared among users. Users will inclined to share such content with other users. Such information carries with an element of social value or substance. That’s what all search engines are looking and highly rank.

  • Keywords

In the past Google used to pay attention to relevant quality keywords, but recently the algorithm system has changed. Any guru that teaches you how to master search engine keywords, is missing the mark. However, keywords are still important, your content should contain relevant keywords.

But only those keywords related to your content. You need to be careful not to staff your content with too much keywords. You need to write naturally, as if you are talking to someone, put keywords where they are required for purposes of emphasizing a certain point, not to compel the search engine to value it

  • Site comments

Users must not only read what you wrote, but they must also engage with you. Your site must have a comment section. This allows users to leave comments/opinion on your site. In short, you, your content and visitors must engage or interact. That’s what search engine likes, people stay in your website and interact with it, raise their opinion

Final thought

If you want your site to rank high on any search engine, you must create quality content. All search engines these days give weight to quality information of any available site. You, as site owner should focus too much attention to this attribute if you want any search engine to take it serious. Thus you need learn how to create content for your business website.






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