Learn How To Create Membership Site & Make Money

Website: JVZoo Marketplace

Price: $2,97

Rating: 2.4/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

Membership launch formula was created by WebBizExecutive. It’s a training manual on how to establish a membership site to make money. It was launched late in 2016. It’s a step by step system to develop a WordPress membership site. In the video training the following areas are covered;

  • Creating WordPress membership site
  • Getting people to join the membership site
  • A preview of membership site
  • WordPress plugins
  •  How to protect your membership site from hackers

Additional bonuses:

  • Squeeze pages
  • Video on Email list building
  • Pop up page
  • Potential sources of traffic to your membership site

This video material is a useful tool to any person who wants to create a membership site. It outlines all features required to develop the same. It’s basically a walk-through for starting a wordpress site, whose aim is to create platform, where people can subscribe and become members.

It also has bonus material which include;

  • Million dollar membership site
  • Membership profit
  • Membership manual
  • Private Label Rights
  • Newbie guide to start membership site
  • ETC

The owner has also allow buyers to modify the video content for  purposes of selling it to any one interested person. The whole package costs only $2.97, which In my opinion is reasonably cheap, compared to material content.

The Bad 

Learning how  to create membership site is one of the profitable method of building online business. A membership site helps the owner to generate residual income going forward. However, developing and maintaining the site of this nature is a complex business project.

People want are reluctant to share their personal profile online. The reason is very simple, we don’t see eye to eye. Trust and honesty is very important. People don’t make relationship with people they don’t trust. Therefore a membership site is made up of many people, who join the site for one purpose, what the site will offer

As a site owner, you need to have information people don’t have. Membership sites sell something of value to people, if you want people to join your site you need to proof that you have impressive skills & knowledge, they don’t have

Your membership site should not focus on you, but to site members. You shouldn’t create an impression that you want thousand members to join your site, pay membership fee, take their money and go. It shouldn’t  be a money making site. If that its case people won’t bother joining it.

Secondly, all site are under continuous cyber attack. membership sites work with people’s money, therefore it needs advanced web security.

Final thought

Yes, learning how to create a membership site is way to go if you want to build lifelong business online. If you have a skill or knowledge which can assist other people, a site of this nature is important. You’ll allow people to join in order to benefit from such information and knowledge.

However, developing and maintaining a membership site is a challenging exercise, you need to acquire a specific skill to keep it going. Trust and honesty is the key for this project. People want to follow those whom they trust and honest. A membership is should not be aimed at generating cash, but must be tailor made to assist members or subscribers.

Nonetheless, learning how to create membership site is a correct move for those you want to dominate the online industry. Thus, the Membership Launch formula  is a valuable tool to anyone who wants to build online business





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