How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog/Site For Free

One of the primary task of every site owner is to drive traffic to his/her site. In this post I will explain how to go about obtaining the necessary quality traffic to your site for free. By free traffic I mean, using free method to generate traffic, i.e. content creation

Creating Content

Content creation or content management is a scary subject. Creating content for your site is an ongoing process a site developer. There’re a number of sites that promise to teach newbies how to create content for their blogs.

Most of these tutorials focus too much attention on plugins. A blog with many plugins perform poorly in terms of site speed & functionality. Plugins are not contents, they only assist site owners to import information to website. There’s nothing wrong with them, their main purposes is to add site features, which were not available during theme installation. Plugins are not content at all. The content are posts & pages.

Write content

Yes, writing content for your site. almost all wordpress themes don’t come with content. WordPress doesn’t provide this information, because they don’t know what your intention is by installing a theme. Writing content is your primary responsibility.

You want to tell people about your theme, the only way to do so, is to write content about yourself & your products/services. That’s what pages/posts were created for within wordpress.

Writing posts/pages is free, you don’t need a software or any tool. Don’t allow copywriter to write posts/pages for you. Use your own writing skills. Copywriters don’t know what information you want to convey. Write it yourself, I said its a free exercise.

If you can write a letter, answer an examination question paper, that’s writing content. Everyone has some information to share online, then write & share such information. The more you write & share, the more content you build for your site. Your site should contain at least 200 or more posts. You must write at least 2-3 posts per week.

Creating visual content

By visual content, I mean images or photo’s in your site. If you have successfully written more than 100/25 posts/pages, you must then add images in each of them. People these days are visual by nature. They want visual images.

You must ensure that for every posts/pages you add relevant images for it. If you write about cellphone gadgets, it is thus necessary to include cellphone images. You show the read the object or objects you’re talking about. That will attract the readers attention. A post/page full of text only doesn’t attract readership. But if it contains visual objects it does.

Another tip is to find relevant images. By relevant images, I mean an image that is relevant to your text. Example, a post about cellphone, must include cellphone object or similar object. If you write about Pinterest, get Pinterest logo or design your own.

You may be asking yourself where to find free images. The following sites provide free images:

Sharing your content

Once you have written/created content, you need to share it on social media. You must get, install a social media plugin. In your dashboard, go to plugins, search for relevant plugin, install it, Its free.

The plugin will show social media icons above or below your posts/pages. Every time you write a post/pages share it on social media, in that way you’re sharing your site content to large audience. That will ultimately drive ¬†free traffic to your site.









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