Learn How To Earn Money With Forex Trading


Forex trading is about buying and selling foreign currencies. Let’s take an example that the pound will go down because of Euro Economic downturn. You then buy euro’s & keep them, 1euro = 1.20 pound. Some time later,  1 euro = 1,09 pound, it has gained strength in value, you then sell it, you gain money in the process.

This is similar to company shares, Coca Cola share price  $43.43, you now buy 100 shares (43.43 x 100= 4343). in the following month, The share price goes up, 46.51. Share price has increased, you decide to sell (46.51 x 100 = 4651). Let’s do maths. 4651 – 4343 = 308

In a months time you have gained $308. But Forex is about trading currencies, the formula remains the same. You betting on upward or downward movement of the asset.

There’re  people who don’t have a clue about stock market trading, on the other hand, we have people online you have vast knowledge about the subject. They offer financial information to web users. They have developed software about stock market information. The negative side of it, is the “money making secret” formula. They promise to provide you with cutting edge stock market information such that you can make instant millions.

I need to warn you. only professional financial/business experts, who are registered as such with accredited professional bodies, who can give you such information. 

The information you find here, is nothing but useless, scams. If you are not trained and accredited offline you are not allowed to provide such financial information to anyone. It’s illegal. In case you want to know about Stock Market Trading go offline, and learn how to trade from registered reputable Stock Brokers. There’re very reputable stock broking platform, If I can name few

  • Webull
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Degiro
  • Charles Schwab
  • ETrade
  • Robinhood
  • TradeStation
  • SogoTrade

A word of warning, someone selling a software of any nature regarding stock market information is a big scammer, keep away from it. You need money to trade. Firstly you must know what you’re doing.

Financial markets are unpredictable, they don’t move in a straight line, even experts in the field, they only make forecast/predictions of  what will happen now or next week about stock market movement. These are predictions not money making gimmicks.

If you want to make money, firstly you must develop a culture of saving money for the future in the form of bank, share investment. The daily trading on stock market is not for newbies, even those who claim they make money, they are lying to you, they loose and win in the process.

You need professional training in order to tackle this money making thing about Forex. It’s completely different from any business. 

You need to build genuine business, save money in the bank, get help, how to go about investing your money in stock market. It’s a risky kind of an undertaking. Save your money and time, learn how to make money the legitimate, genuine way, thereafter learn how to invest money in different commodities, learn from professional experts.

Forex ENIGMA, is one of those software that promises people to get rich with Forex Trading. Stock Market Trading doesn’t have so called Gurus. Real money is exchanged on the market in billions of dollars. Even  big companies have their own Financial managers/experts they use to conduct Forex Trading.







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