How To Earn Passive Income With Kindle Publishing



Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Craig Lebowski

Rating: 4.7/5

For who: Beginners Book Publishers


The book is written by Craig Lebowski, “How to Earn Passive Income With Kindle Publishing” It was released on 14 July 2016 and available at Amazon Kindle. . It costs $8,99. & has 4.7/5 rating. It contains 76 pages. The book was written for those who need some background information about Amazon Kindle Publishing money making opportunities.   It contains the following chapters;

  • What’s Kindle Publishing
  • Market Research
  • Keywords
  • Criteria for Book Cover
  • Creating your book
  • Formatting your book
  • Publishing your book
  • Marketing tactics
  • Scaling & growing your business

The author’s intention is to show those interested in publishing their written material at Amazon. Amazon Kindle Publishing offers freelancing opportunities. It allows them to sell their written/creative work at Amazon.

If you’re passionate about writing articles, books or blogging, the book enables you to grab publishing opportunities and earn residual income there. The book also teaches readers how to create, format and publish written material at Amazon Kindle Publishing platform.


The book provides great money making opportunities for book writers & freelancers. However, publishing books for sake of doing it, won’t assist you. You need to conduct a research to find out whether what you want to write about, doesn’t already exist in the publishing database.

You can earn yourself additional income if you’re a serious about freelancing. Publishing for the sake of it, will not yield good results. Another challenge is that you’ll competing with other seasoned publishers.

Million books are published every month. You must ask yourself whether the information you write about will attract readers attention. You need to have a clear plan is to how you can go about writing & publishing books.

Final Thought


If you have passion about writing interesting books for readers,  Amazon Publishing is great platform to you. You can write 100 to 1200 page book or article. Amazon will publish your material. If you material contains interesting information, there is likelihood that readers will purchase it.

What I can advise you to do, is that you must clearly identify a category. It may be business, comics, internet marketing etc. Choose something that interest you, have a deeper insight into the subject  you want to write about.

Let’s take for example SEO, if you have an in depth knowledge about it, you stand a good chance to write an interesting book about it.

This book provides a background information about Amazon Publishing platform. There’re also tutorials in the platform itself as to how your work should be structured. Once you have grasp enough information about publishing, you can create an account and get started.

Once you book has been published it will show to more than million readers. As I have alluded above you need to carefully select category that you’re know best. There’re books at Amazon which are difficult to sell, doesn’t catch readers attention or information  that is not interesting enough.

Nonetheless, the book is valuable piece of material for those who have freelancing skills. The book “How To Earn Passive Income With Kindle Publishing” provides great money making opportunities. 









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