How To Enjoy Christmas Holidays Under Lockdown Restrictions


You’ll agree with me, if I say it’s business unusual. The lockdown phenomenon has created an abnormal festive season we have never experienced since WW II. Going out on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself has become a nightmare rather than a dream. Nonetheless, I will show you how to enjoy festive season under Lockdown restrictions.


If you are going to host parties, dinners or other functions, then it’s important to do some planning if you don’t want to waste money. Entertaining people can be expensive, so make sure you carefully consider your menu and try to provide food that is tasty, but doesn’t cost too much.

Also remember to ensure that you have plenty of space in your fridge and freezer, so that any leftovers won’t go to waste. If you normally buy ready-made meals or hire a caterer, then why not try doing some home cooking this year? Or, you could ask your friends and family to each bring a certain dish and then you won’t have to provide the entire meal.

If you usually host a number of gatherings, why not opt for one really memorable get-together. Or, you could consider going out to eat

Financial do’s & don’ts

Let’s take a quick look at some financial do’s and don’ts to keep you on track this holiday season;

  • Spend within your limits.
  • Create a budget and decide how much you can afford to spend. Then stick to it!
  • Keep a record of what you purchase.
  • Put money aside every month during the year, so you’ll be ready for the holiday season.
  • Start a modern Christmas club.
    These were popular during the Great Depression and helped people to save money during the year for the holiday season.
  • Try to resist making impulsive purchases.
  •  Pay cash for as much as you can and avoid maxing out your credit card or store cards.
  • If you use your credit card, make sure you can pay it off as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you can return your purchases in case you need to take certain things back.
  • Use your rewards cards for purchases over the holiday season, so you can earn even more rewards for later.
  • Make memories. This is far better than spending money, so save yourself some time and stress and focus on what really counts this holiday season.

Here are a few other ideas to cut costs, which you might want to consider;

Take an inventory of what you have before you go shopping, so that you don’t buy extras that you don’t need. Check your supply of wrapping paper, gift tags, canned goods and decorations.

  • Instead of shopping on your own, why not take someone along who can help make decisions and even prevent you from overspending, if you tend to get carried away.
  • Remember to give yourself plenty of time to shop, so you can look for bargains and compare prices.
  • Try turning last year’s leftover decorations or other Christmas items into new things, instead of throwing them away.

Think about making gift tags, Christmas crackers or decorations for the Christmas tree. This is also great fun for your kids.

If you’re going away, then you could put some cost-effective security measures into place, such as upgrading your locks, putting timers on your lights and asking a neighbor to keep an eye on your place.

Finally, don’t forget to ensure that you have medical aid, motor insurance and even life insurance. It’s not something you want to, but it’s home/personal security



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