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Owner : Kokoshungsan
Price :$7. 00
Overall Ranking : 2 out of 10

The software was launched by Kokoshungsan at Marketplace in 2021. It’s primary purpose is to assist you,  find lucrative affiliate programs. If you’re an affiliate marketer and want to quickly search for different affiliate program to join, the software will assist to do just that.

Before I go too far, I just want to give my own perspective about affiliate programs/systems.

How to find affiliate programs to join

Finding affiliate program to join is very simple, than you think. May be you have been advised some where, by someone regarding  high commission affiliate program and where to find them. Finding the same is very simple and easy.

But before you do that, you must have a niche. a niche is a specific category need. People go online to search for a specific solutions to their individual problems. If you can provide solutions to them, then you have a niche. The next thing to do is to search online for relevant sites which allow individuals to join their affiliate network

If they have affiliate program platform, you then join it. But how do you go about find affiliate programs, once you have a niche? Say for example your niche is about travelling, credit card, children clothing, etc. You just type traveling + affiliate program on your browser, and get results, Check below;



You can do the same with any affiliate programs that pay high commission. There’s no need to buy any software to do this, you can follow the above method to find them, and its free

The following are some of the major affiliate networks online

  • Rakuten marketing. com
  • Amazon associate central
  • Wal-Mart. com affiliate program
  • Commission Junction affiliate program

How much does it costs to sign up

Absolute nothing, its free to create and account. but some require that, you have your own website. In assessing your application, they require you to submit your website to them, so that they can look at it, before allowing you to participate.

How many affiliate program can you join

You can join as many as you like, provided you have adequate marketing resources. What I mean by this, is that once you’ve signed up, it is your responsibility to spend time and money to promote their products/services.

This is one of the biggest challenge facing every affiliate marketer online. In order to succeed in this industry, you need to be seriously committed to it, be patient, spend money and time working on it.


Final thought

Firstly, Finding  Profitable Affiliate Program With Affiliate Link Weeder”is just a waste of money, don’t buy it. Rather use the above method I have taught you above. Another shortcoming with this kind of software, is that, it will soon disappear from JVZoo marketplace at no time.

What you need to know about affiliate program networks, is that they’re here to stay, more and more companies are more prepared to allow third party agents like yourself to market their products and services in return for payment.

This is definitely a lucrative and viable business model. Software systems like Affiliate Link Weeder are some of those money making methods created by smart web developers to make money for themselves, but zero benefit for you as inexperienced, aspirant marketer.










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