How To Find Products Related To Your Niche


In my previous blog posts, I have mentioned how to come up with your own niche. I’m sure you have determined your passion or interest. You now know what’s you niche. You have created your niche website. You’re also ready to create content, based on your chosen niche. You must now find products related to your niche.

Searching for affiliate program

Searching for any affiliate program/network is a very simple & easy task. You were told about Amazon Commission Junction, Walmart, Linkshare/ and many more. Indeed all these networks accept third parties (affiliates) to promote their products, through affiliate link. They provide banners/links to be displayed on affiliate’s  sites. If a visitor click on those banners/links, buy something, affiliates receive commission thereof.

Third parties (affiliates) can be anyone. Most large affiliate networks, recommend that affiliates must have their own website. Many have developed promotion material for their affiliate, if you don’t have a website, participation in their affiliate network will be difficult. Hence your website is important.

Your niche and related products

Now that you have chosen a niche, the next step is to find products for it. The above affiliate programs have more than 500 million products. Of these products some of them are related to your niche.

You must then search in all of them to find something related to your passion/interest. If you don’t find anything related to your niche website, don’t feel bad about it. The internet is very big market place. It caters for every niche.

One of the mistakes made by newbies is  to get excited about many products appearing in their computer screens. Attractive products with high commission payment. That’s not a way to go.

You’re drifting away from your niche ideas, you interest, your passion. Affiliate networks for selling vehicles are lucrative, but difficult to promote. Just selling one car may take you one year, this means you will wait for 12 months before getting paid.

A niche is not about making making, its about selling something you like, irrespective of how much you will be paid. It’s the number of products you sell (sales) that determines amount of profit.

Searching for Affiliate program related to your niche

If you don’t find niche products, you must search online. Examples, say you want to sell children winter jackets, type in your browser, “children winter jackets + affiliate programs” You’ll find a number of websites selling children’s winter jackets.

In the footer or sidebar,  you will find a link about affiliate category. That’s where you will be taken to their affiliate program. If you want to join, you will create an account, they will in turn provide you with promotional material (banners/links etc.)

Go on and do the same thing with other niches. The beautiful thing about this method is that you’re not confined to well known affiliate networks/brands. There’re many other networks available. They’re waiting for affiliates to promote their products.

Final thought

Sometimes, it happens that your application for affiliate program is rejected, don’t worry there’re many others online. Say, your application was accepted by some networks, because you unable to drive a specific amount traffic to their sites, they cancel your account.

Move on to another network, I said above the internet is a very big market place. There’s everything for everyone. You’ll find one that is user friendly to you 







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