Learn How To find Profitable Keywords For Your Blog

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owners: Red M

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

Overview of Keyword Research

Keywords are words/text people use to search for products or services on Google. As an Affiliate Marketer, you  need to know what people are looking for when they search online. Red tried to show you how to find keywords for a specific niche, e.g. skincare, dating, weight loss, women products, gambling

The Good:

For affiliate marketers it is essential to know what people are looking when they search online, what keywords they use to find products/services and where to find them. The ebook provides Affiliate Marketers with a tool to fix that problem.

Therefore he came along with this ebook product. Its helpful to those who don’t have a system/tool to search for profitable keywords. Its cheap compared to other tools available online. Some books of similar content cost $9 up to $19

The Bad:

Although the book is useful tool to search for keywords, however there are thousands of them currently available online. Some are freely available. It therefore poses challenge to Red since the book costs $3.41. The book aims to assist Affiliate Marketers to find keywords in highly contested niches, i.e.  weight loss, skincare.

Almost 80% affiliate Marketers are selling these products and receive commission thereof. 30% of them use free keyword tool, about 70% use sophisticated & expensive tools.

Overall overview


The book is suitable for beginner Affiliate Marketers. Those who have just started to learn how affiliate marketing works.

It is not a suitable tool for full time affiliate marketer who wants to really make serious money online. It is suitable for training purposes, i.e. to train newbie affiliate marketers the skills of finding keywords online.

However the author need to consider coming up with another tool, probably a video related this topic. It will go a long way to convince buyers to purchase the product.

One of the most effective method of getting visitors to come to your site, is keyword research. Keyword research in a nutshell, is searching for words that people use to find anything they’re looking for. It’s time consuming & always a stressful exercise. Almost all marketing methods revolve around it.

If you can’t find relevant keywords people are using to find information online, they will never find your site, let alone visiting it. People don’t visit your site, because it’s poorly developed, but  because, it lack relevancy. Not relevant to what they are looking for.

Therefore, you need to develop a method of finding the keywords people use to find something they are looking for.

Thus learning about them is an essential component in affiliate marketing. You need to master the art of finding relevant keywords to your site. You must align what keywords visitors use to search for information and your site.

Although the author tries to show buyers how to find them in 30 minutes, however this task can take you a little long than that. But overall it’s a viable piece of material to assist you in getting right keywords.








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