How to Grow Online Influence With Social Media Marketing

Owner: Jay Conrad Levinson

Price: $14.94

 Rating: 3.9/5


The book is written by Jay Conrad, “Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Presence” It’s available since June 2010 at Amazon Kindle. . It costs $14.94. & has 3.9/5 rating. It has 265 pages. The book seeks to teach social media marketers guerrilla tactics on how to grow social media platform presence.  It contains the following chapters; 

  • The personalities of a guerrilla social media marketer
  • Building guerrilla personality traits
  • Top Ten attributes of a guerrilla social media marketer
  • 100+ guerrilla social media methods
  • Guerrilla Return On Investment
  • Guerrilla focus
  • Defining guerrilla social media marketing
  • Building guerrilla website for social media domination
  • Recruiting other guerrilla social media marketers

The book is fairly rated by purchasers. The intention of the book is to build guerrilla tactics in order to dominate social media platform. There’re more than 500 million social media users online. The author attempts to teach social media marketers how they can influence the platform in order to stay on top of it. Its more suitable for those who want to market their business by using social media networks.  It also teaches newbies alternative marketing platform outside email or PPC marketing.


Although the book is suitable piece of material to learn social media marketing methods, but it has not been dated with current trends in the platform. It was last published in 2010.

There has been considerable changes and development within social media industry. Nonetheless the book is still relevant even during this period. Nothing much has changed within social media platform. It contains enough information for those who are involved in social media marketing.

But for those who has no clue about how to approach the social media, it can provide some basic understanding on how to approach the platform the guerrilla method way.

Final Thought


Any information regarding online marketing is a useful tool, whether is Pay Per Click, email marketing, blogging or social media marketing, the idea remains the same.

Any person who is involved in any methods or using such method require some tactical methods to do so. The social media platform is unpredictable & continuously changing. Its not the platform per se but the behavior of social media users. More and more users are bombarded with new information related to the platform.

Social media networks are also introducing new developments, expanding the network. The purpose is to assist users to engage meaningfully as well as to enable them to find solutions to their daily problems. 

As a social media marketer, it is indispensable to learn various marketing techniques in order for you to reap benefits from the platform itself. There’s no single all inclusive method or technique in online marketing. If you’re involved in marketing business, the driving force behind it are the user’s behavior & continuous changes taking place within it.

Therefore the book, guerrilla social media marketing is one of those methods applied by social media marketers to influence the platform.






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