Learn How To Handle Your Website Comments

Once you have created your website, built content, visitors start visiting you site & leave comments. How then to handle your website comments. At a glance the following reflects what your site visitors do when engaging with you content.

  1. Visitors coming to your site
  2. Visitors leaving your site
  3. Visitors requesting for more information
  4. Visitors leaving comments
Visitors to your site

Since you have a site, people will continuously visit it, searching for information. Your tasks is to ensure that people coming to it, get what they’re looking for or else they will leave immediately. Give them what you have promised to offer or share with them.

Furthermore, one of the crucial aspect of your task is to find out what they are doing on your site. Offer them something of value.  WordPress theme comes with comment section. It enables visitors to communicate with the site owners. Thus, this is a very important section of your site, to communicate.

Visitors leaving your site without communicating

You may feel bad that visitors simply hit a back button. They say nothing, they just leave. Its your task to manage that visitor’s behavior. Even though they did not find what they were looking for, but they didn’t communicate their actions through comment section.

Visitors requesting for more information

Visitors like your site but, lacks sufficient information for the visitor to take decision. They request that information by leaving comments. You must provide  then with information.

You must have an email sign up form in your site to capture their emails in order to communicate with them. Email companies have built- in interface for you to send emails to your email list. Basically the purpose is to respond to comments left  on your site

Visitors leaving comments

 A rule of thumb is that you must respond to any comment left in your site. You must do this task everyday, provide information they are looking for. As for wordpress sites, the first comment you will normally receive, are spam comments.

These visitors are nothing else but spammers. it’s not unusual to receive,100 comments daily. Usually they are sent by one  & the same person. He/she is using your site to promote his business. Surely this is the last thing you need.

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WordPress has a plugin which you can download, that is, SpamShield plugin, WA SpamBlocker. It automatically blocks all spam comments from entering your site. You need genuine comments about your site and quality of services you provide. It’s your task to handle that phenomenon. The plugins of this nature are free, no need to purchase paid plugins.

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

Comments to your site provide an in depth insights to site content. It guides what you must do in order to improve your site content. It’s your tasks to respond timely to them. Give speedy response. Visitors will be willing to regularly visit it.

As for site comment, you need to manage this component its crucial part of your site. Spam comments as well must be properly managed. Install a spam block plugin and you are okay. Block them from coming to your site. Every comment left in your comment section must be responded to. This is an overview how to handle/manage your website comments





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