Learn How To Increase Business Exposure Through Social Media Networks


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

   Owner: Andy Anderson

 Rating: 4/5

  For Who: Everyone


The Good:

This is an eBook by Andy Anderson, How To Increase Your Business  Exposure Through Social media, It was published at Amazon Kindle Book on 24 April 2016.

It was reviewed by 145 customers and rated 4/5. The main goal of the book is to remind online business owners how to promote their current businesses in social media media platform.  It contains the following topics;

  • Introduction to marketing
  • Social Media Platform
  • General social media marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Do’s & Don’ts
  • Right Social Media Platform for your business
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Marketing on Instagram
  • YouTube marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Google Plus Marketing
  • Tumblr Marketing
  • Other Social media marketing

This material is basically aimed at showing you as online business owners as to how you can use the social media network to promote your business. Social media is a new marketing platform which dominated the web after 2006. There are many other social media  places online, but the author has confined himself to those contained in the book.

The main idea is to expose your business site to more than 500 million if not 1 billion social media users. It’s valuable writing material, which provides background information regarding social media marketing. You may think that you know very well about social media but any additional information may be useful for your business project.

It costs only $12.34 to download. For those who are new in social media marketing, the book can go a long way in assisting them to get information about the industry

The Bad

Although the ebook is a valuable piece of written material, but it has its own shortcomings. A lot is being said about social media marketing. There’re volumes of such material online. Some are offered free of charge some costs less than the amount the author has stipulated. It all depends on the book content.

But ebook, How To Increase Your Business  Exposure Through Social media, is only aimed at reminding you can promote your business in the platform for free  no need to stress about other paid marketing methods.  

You can save your money sometimes and simply use free methods. The book doesn’t give guarantee that if you download & use it, then you will be a social media marketing expert in no time.

Final thought

The book, How To Increase Your Business Through Social mediais a useful material that teaches or reminds marketers to explore social media to promote their businesses and  possibly their products to social media users.

The eBook tries to teach, you as online business owner the marketing opportunities available in social media networks.

However, using social media  marketing to promote your business, gives you no guarantee of success. Social media networks were not established as marketing platform, but was developed for social engagement.

 The primary purpose of these networks was to allow online users to engage, share their knowledge and life experiences. However, social media houses had recently enabled business owners as well to advertise their business & products to social media enthusiasts.

Some social media marketers had made money, but some has not been successful.  Having said what I have said, How To Increase Your Business  Exposure Through Social media,  is indeed a valuable piece of material that can be used to promote your business in the network.










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