Learn How To Keep Customers Supporting Your Business


Too many business entities, these days have forgotten importance of their customers. Just think of last time you received poor service & how the situation was handled. Did the business rectify the problem or will you never go there again.

Think again how many times you purchased items online. How many times you were asked after you made a purchase, whether the item you ordered was the correct one. You need to learn how to keep customers satisfied in order for them to support your business.

Why customer service important?

People setup businesses in order to do one thing “make profit”. They seem to forget that its is the customers who buy their products before they make any profit. Customers nowadays are “cash cows”. You need to know that customers are the backbone of any business, thus this area of business is of vital importance.

Few businesses seem to realize this, but providing exceptional customer service is actually one of the most important factors in determining how profitable a business will ultimately be. The fact of the matter is that customer service is absolutely vital to the success of your business, and here are a few reasons why:

  • It costs you five times as much to acquire a new customer as it costs you to retain an existing one. So it’s definitely worth it to give your existing customers that some extra attention.
  • Over 90% of your customers who are unsatisfied won’t complain; they’ll just go somewhere else
    next time.
  • Even in tough, economic times, the main reason why people switch businesses is not due to
    price, but as a result of poor customer service.
  • A large majority of customers who have a complaint that is handled efficiently and to their
    satisfaction will stick with the business.
  • An unsatisfied customer will tell roughly 8 to 10 people about the poor service they received, while a satisfied customer will only tell 2 to 3 people about good service.
  • Over time, good customer service will result in more new customers than any other method you use (i.e. price cuts or promotions).
  • Forming relationships with your customers, instead of just treating them like another number, can lead to a lifetime commitment to your business.

As you can see, providing great customer service can be extremely beneficial to your business, so use it to your advantage.

Know your customers

It’s virtually impossible for a big business like Walmart, to get to know every single one of their customers on an individual basis, but this is a lot easier for the small business owner to achieve. At the very least, you should be able to build a relationship with your “regulars”

Getting to know your customers by name can do wonders for your business. People feel valued and important when you remember who they are and what they’re interested in and, if you remember them, they are more likely to remember you.

 Show your customers you care by taking an interest in what they want and need from your business and by finding out what their opinions are. Make notes about specific customers if it will help you to remember important facts that will further enhance your relationship with them.

Do what it takes to build those relationships that will add value to your business, and then make sure you keep them.

Final thought

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Providing great customer service is a powerful, secret weapon that is significantly undervalued these days. However, by applying the ideas above, you can offer your customers exceptional customer service and reap the benefit








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