How To Make $1000 Passive Income Through Affiliate marketing




Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Price: $3.44

Owners: Ray Hamilton

Overall Rank: 16 Ratings

For Who: Beginners

This is ebook, How To Make $1000 Passive Income Through Affiliate marketing. It’s available in Amazon Kindle Products. The purpose of the book is to teach beginner affiliate marketers about  this line of business. It has the following content;

  • Basics of passive income
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Building a subscriber base
  • Charging for community
  • Making an App
  • YouTube video’s
  •  Making a Podcast
  • Selling products

The Good:

The book seek to illustrate how beginners can tap into affiliate marketing and generate passive income.  Indeed everyone of us is anxious to have passive income. Affiliate marketing therefore comes handy. Downloading this piece of reading material can assist any beginner to get an understanding of what affiliate marketing is all about

The Bad:

Although the book is a useful tool to learn basic affiliate marketing business, However this business model cannot be explained in 59 page document. I have reiterated in some of my posts in this site, that affiliate marketing comes with huge challenges. 

The author talks about YouTube platform, building subscribers. One wonders whether a newbie like you knows anything about these subjects. I guess some of them have no clue about these topics. Furthermore, he talks about making $1 000 passive income. Making $1 online is no easy task at all

It requires a lot of spade work. Majority of affiliate marketers are battling to make $50 as we speak. Some had quit all dreams of making money online. They tried and failed miserably

Overall overview


The book may be suitable to give an insight about creating a passive income source. But it starts and end there. Generating $1 000 online is a long winding road.  

For you to have an understanding about creating passive income  through affiliate marketing, is a good idea. However, to generate $1 000 is another issue.

I have alluded to in this post that this subject comes with huge challenges. Firstly you have to understand what’s business in general and affiliate marketing in particular. I will start by asking you, what’s your dreams; Making money or building business.

If your dreams is to make money here, then I suggest you must just quit, because you’ll never make a dime here. Think about building online business. Prepare yourself to fail. It doesn’t matter how intelligent/gifted you are. Just get yourself ready to fail in building online business.

Once you ‘have internalized that approach, you’ll then have a clear understanding about creating a passive income online. Having said what I said, downloading the ebook or any other for that matter, is not a wrong idea. It will give you an insight into passive income source.

But making $1 000 passive income goes beyond the content of this ebook. You need to do some serious learning. Be prepared to face difficult challenges before generating this kind of income. One of the crucial aspect about affiliate marketing is learning. Not just learning, but getting training from reputable affiliate marketing sites.

The eBook is outdated, Visit Amazon to check for new book edition 





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