How To Make $1000 Per Day On One Amazon Product


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owners: Bradford Sullivan

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners


The book Author is Bradford Sullivan. It contains the following information;

  1. How search Amazon products
  2. Strategy to make $1 000 per day with Amazon product
  3. Sure – fire formula for success
  4. Why selling on Amazon
  5. Benefits of partnering with Amazon
  6. Finding products to sell
  7. Private label method sourcing products to sell on Amazon
  8. Different methods your product at Amazon

It provides a purchaser with background information for selling Amazon product. It also provide guidance on how to sell products at Amazon. It currently costs $11.97, paperback, but price may vary at any time, depending on the author.


The book had been published in October 2014. But, it has 634 rating. Although it was published 6 years ago. The content is still relevant in IM industry. There many more books about the same subject since it was published. The author hasn’t revised it. A target of $1 000 per day is unachievable, taking into account the book content information.

Overall overview


The book is useful tool for beginners to gain background information about Amazon products & selling methods. The book price is reasonable low, but the benefits the author promises remains illusive. More methods of selling Amazon products must be included in the book content in order to assist beginners to generate profit of that magnitude ($1 000 per day).

A word of warning. Before you jump into Amazon associate central, you need to know how it works. You may have read many books about the platform. But making inroads there comes with huge challenges. Firstly, you need a well developed site before you’re admitted. In case you fail to make one dollar in 90 days your participation in the platform will be cancelled.

Purchasing the book is not a bad idea anyway. You’re still learning how affiliate marketing industry works. Many people had quit Amazon associate central marketplace, because they’re unable to achieve any results. I don’t blame them. In any case, there’re other networks where participation terms and conditions are not so strict like


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