How To Make $100 000 Per Month With Own Online Business


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owners: Anthony Parker

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

For Who: Beginners


The book is published by Anthony Parker for those who wish to earn money online,How To  Make  $100 000  online”. It has 121 pages. It was rated by 61 customers

It’s organized into the following chapters;

  • Introduction to dropshipping
  • Dropshipping process
  • Niche and product selection
  • Finding suppliers for dropshipping
  • Setting up dropshipping business
  • Running dropshipping business

 It’s valuable book for beginners, who want to grasp the basic understanding about dropshipping. It currently costs $3.44, but price may vary at any time, depending on the author.

It’s well – written and easy to understand. It also contains a lot of good information about affiliate marketing.


It was published in October 2017 at Amazon Kindle Store. It’s a good resources for newbies, However the $100 000 target is not achievable.

The author has set up high target which cannot be attained by beginners. It’s content/information is to provide general knowledge what happens behind affiliate marketing. As for now 2021, the content does not have up to date information regarding the topic

Overall overview


Although it’s valuable resource for affiliate marketing beginners, the results promised in the book are illusive. As regards to the price, its very cheap.

No one can purchase a resource of this nature and achieve such results such ($100 000). The author must include as much information as possible in order to convince buyers to achieve the same.   

Making $100 000 is a huge achievement for any internet marketer. However,  90% of all beginners are struggling to make this amount in their online journey. Such an amount is only possible if you have  a unique system that you can apply to achieve the said amount

From the author’s point of view, the only system which can enable you to generate such income, is nothing else but to pursue dropshipping model.

The author’s business model is about dropshipping. Dropshipping has been online for long time. Being successful and make such outrageous income, comes at a price.  

It is not in dispute that drop shippers make money doing this business, but very few of them do make such  amount. The book is about dropshipping and how to go about setting it up. Making $100 000 is another matter. It comes with huge challenges. Sometimes the results claimed are not achievable

Other seasoned drop shippers contend that the book contains just some basic information about dropshipping. Something that is freely available online. What they mean is that, there’s volume & volume of dropshipping information. This book is just a starter guide to dropshipping industry 






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