Learn How To Make Money On Social Media


Website: JVZoo Marketplace

Owner: Suthep Sachasiri

Price: $4.97

Rating: 2.7/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

These are online training video’s created by Suthep Sacharisi, on How To make Money On Social Media. The product was launched at JVzoo late in 2016. The videos contain social media information, on how to tap money making opportunities. It reasonably cost $4. 97. The Owner has identified  the following 5 social media networks;

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

In the training video’s the owner tries to teach you the following;

  • How to utilize Facebook
  • How to generate Facebook leads
  • How to use Facebook ads to generate sales
  • How to generate thousand Facebook followers
  • How to use YouTube SEO, to reach target audience
  • How to make online video’s
  • Using LinkedIn to grow your business
  • Posting photos on Instagram
  • How to use Pinterest to get traffic and customers
  • And many more

The product main focus is to show you how to use social media networks to promote and build your business, The owner has identified 5 social media platform. These networks are the biggest social media houses online. The majority of online users spend much of their time creating social relationships through these networks.

The owner therefore has identified large customer base.  These networks present a good marketing opportunity for any business owner. If your business doesn’t get enough exposure, the social media houses can assist you to grow it, They can potentially create authority status of your business.

The product has 30 day money back guarantee, in case your not satisfied with video contents

The Bad 

The training video’s contains an indispensable information regarding 5 social media giants, However, knowing something about social media does not guarantee that your business will get customers and grow. I need to take this opportunity and explain the social media marketing dynamics

Firstly, all social media houses were established for the sole purpose of creating social engagement and nothing else. They were not designed for marketing purposes. The primary goal was to create online conversation among internet users. Indeed, it’s undeniable fact that there’re more than 2 billion social media users. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have 2 billion customers in your site doorstep.

Social media networks have established a section to enable business owners to promote their products & services. It’s unknown how many social media users search the network for purposes of finding products. Such information is scarce to find. The reason is simple, people join social media for purposes of creating social relations, not to search for products or services

Final thought

The training video’s Social media income, is one of those software that assist people how social media networks operates. In order to get background information about the networks it’s advisable to test drive the program, however never raise your expectation that your site and business will achieve good results. 

These networks does provide some  marketing opportunities, but they’re not the only platform where you can narrowly focus your marketing effort. There’re many sites where your can promote you business.

Nonetheless the product, Social Media Income  cannot be taken lightly, it does provide valuable information to newbie social media marketers







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