Learn How To Make Money With Fiverr Gigs


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Website: Fiverr.com

Owner: Corey Ferreira

Price: $47

For Who: Webpreneurs

This is a software/book written Corey Ferreira. It provides information about how to make money with Fiverr. com gigs. It’s good software that assist webpreneurs to sell their skills by creating gigs for Fiverr customers.

Gigs are basically internet work that is requested by users, i.e. articles, blog creation, search engine optimization work, plugins, website development, hosting, creating Facebook, twitter followers, creating images etc.

How It works:

Fiverr.com customers usually post request at Fiverr for certain online work. They choose gig supplier, who in turn develop & submit work required by customer. The minimum period to complete the gig ranges from 1 to 3 days.

The gig supplier will start, complete & deliver the work to the customer. The site allows customers to make comment about the gigs they’ve purchased. Most of the gigs receives positive reviews, except for few.

It depends on the skills level of that particular gig supplier. More experienced suppliers usually deliver quality gigs at agreed time. The cost gigs ranges from $5, 10, 15, 25, 50, $100. depending on the gig information required.  

The following are fiverr gig categories;

  •  Creating cartoons, book covers, flyers
  • Creating illustrations, presentations
  • Creating video’s
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Animation
  • Mobile design images
  • Advertising on social media
  • Writing articles & translation work
  • Creating music & audio
  • Transcriptions
  • Business & more

Corey Ferreira’s system aims to assist those webprenuers  who has not explore money making opportunities available at Fiverr.com. If you have a particular skill, i.e. creating graphics, editing photo’s, video’s or any work which can assist people online, then you need to consider creating an account, advertise your work.

People will visit Fiverr, search among work categories & find your work. Alternatively, if you’re working on certain online project, you lack skills to create illustration, graphics, creating a landing page, you can search for suppliers at Fiverr, post a request, pay $5, work will be delivered in your inbox.

I have alluded to in some of my articles that, your own business is a must these days. If you have technical skill of some kind, e.g. web development knowledge, SEO, photographer, graphic designer etc. It’s about time you join Fiverr.com & apply your skills in the platform

Word of warning, Fiverr.com has user agreement policy. Never join them for sole purpose of  supplying scam products. You’ll be burned forever. Be honest, join the site for one reason to solve problems for those who do not have technical skills to help themselves 







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