How To Make Money Without Doing Affiliate Marketing

Can You Make Money Online Apart From Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can. There’re million products offline you can sell online and make money. Think about collecting second hand clothes from people. Or purchasing a cooldrink/cigarette vending machine or any other products that you can sell offline.

Next thing you setup a store, stuff it with those goods. You then create a store website. Market the same. Promote it on YouTube, social media. When customers see your store, they’ll contact you, and purchase whatever products they find.

Shopify enables every person to setup online store, which also enables you to receive payment and dispatch goods to customers. Therefore you can make money by selling goods without doing affiliate affiliate marketing

Why Do You Avoid Doing Affiliate Marketing?

Well, this kind of business model is associated with scams. Some people have tried it but fail to make any penny out of it. There’re are various reasons why people hate it. 95% of people have tried this business model but fail. Thus it is not worth it to pursue. People want to try something different

Some Challenges About Making Money Online

We all dream about making money for ourselves. The problem we do not know how to do it. The online platform has create us many opportunities to do it. 

Affiliate marketing was introduced as the easy way to make money. This online business model is easy to setup. You don’t keep, ship inventory, the Merchant simply do it for you. They pay a fee in return. 

Think about the model I have explained above, where you have to setup a store, keep inventory, receive payment & ship products to customers. It’s time consuming and expensive exercise

Your online store & associated challenges

Don’t take internet users for granted. People don’t buy from strangers. Like offline, people don’t just buy goods from anyone/anywhere. They buy from BIG NAMES, with strong business foundation.

In order to be trusted you need a strong business foundation.  Amazon, Commission Junction, Walmart etc., these are the Big Guns in online retail business.

In any event you want to setup online store, you’ll be competing with these companies. They have a strong army of affiliates, who are prepared to spend huge capital to take down any competitor online.

Final Thought

How you can make money without affiliate marketing, is not a bad idea. Affiliate marketing can make you money without spending huge capital. Business offline are using third party agencies to promote their business. 

You have experience yourself when watching TV. The promotion material you see on your screen are displayed by third party agents/advertisers. They advertise other people’s business in return for payment. Because they promote offline, they’re not labelled affiliates, but advertisers.

If you promote other people’s product online, you’re called an affiliate. Your job is similar to offline advertiser. Even if you have an online store, you can invite affiliates to promote it for you, in return for minimum advertising fee. 

So, don’t be scared about the word affiliate marketing. It’s the same as offline advertiser. You too can make money if you join affiliate marketing. There’s no need to discard affiliate marketing as money making model. If you want to be wealthy and make money every method, affiliate marketing or not can do just that. 






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