Learn How To Make Money From Nothing


Once upon a time I visited Internet Marketing Forum. The Forum owners have asked members about progress they made in Affiliate Marketing. One of their member had posted his successes by providing this Amazon income screenshots. The other members applauded him for such achievements. This reflects how people make money from nothing.

There was this clever guy in the same forum, who asked a question about his marketing method he used. He response was he used back-linking strategies. He gets traffic from organic search. The guy further asked him what products  he sells at Amazon.

He didn’t answer that one. It was difficult for him to answer because, from my experience he sold nothing at Amazon. I will tell you why.

The guy mentioned something about Fiverr.com, surely he is one of the Fiverr services suppliers. At that site, people market their skills, so that buyers will later contact them, for services they supply, e.g. graphic design, web development.

Fiverr.com is a legitimate site. It has thousands of gig suppliers selling, any Gig for as little as $5. However, there’re people who has taken that opportunity to generate money from nothing. What I mean by nothing is that, indeed they provide nothing to help buyers address their problems.

With regard to this guy, possibly he has graphic design skills, selling graphic design work or anything. With his screenshots, he claims to be making money at Amazon. These are the kind of successes people use to lure beginners to purchase their products/programs.

Firstly Amazon doesn’t make such logos. Amazon logo doesn’t approve such promotional method. Basically it was not Amazon income statement. It was somehow manufactured somewhere. You can’t claim that you had made money by giving people fake proof.


Shiny screenshots are used as marketing method by dishonest internet marketers. Some of these people’s account run risk of being deleted or deactivated by affiliate networks.

Final thought 

There’re people online who can make money from nothing. If I want people to genuinely know about my achievement, I must provide my tracking ID, My website, a letter from Amazon or anything as proof of my account (my banking statement with my first/last name),amount deposited, not a photo).

Amazon is not a scam site. It’s a business like all other businesses online. their business practices is regulated by country’s business laws. Amazon doesn’t publish how much their affiliates earn or revenue generated by them through internet marketing. That information is highly confidential. Publishing such sensitive information is illegal

If you honestly want to learn how to build a sustainable business online, you need to learn. Find reputable sites that will teach you how internet marketing industry works.









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